With 100% graduation rate, Ann Richards School for Young Women prepares students for success

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Founded in 2007, Ann Richards School for Young Women is the only public school for girls in the Austin Independent School District.

The school has a 100% graduation rate, and when you meet the students, it’s easy to see why they are doing so well.

“I was able to help my father build his house with the tools and skills I learned here,” said Lily Koppen, a senior.

Koppen moved to school in grade six and since then she has gained the skills she will need in college and beyond.

“I have these professional skills that I have been developing since I was 12,” Koppen said. “In high school, you go into one path, so engineering, biomedicine, or media technology which are the three paths in which women are under-represented.”

Aretxi Castro, also an elder, said the school administration gave her the power to do whatever she can to achieve her goals.

“I really hope to get into law,” Castro said. “I think the school does an incredible job empowering women in all kinds of fields.”

Mackenzi Gibbs is just starting his school career. She is in sixth grade, but already has her eyes set on what to do after college.

“I want to be a lawyer,” Gibbs said.

As part of the 2017 Bond Program, Ann Richards School received a fully modernized campus on the site of its original institution.

Construction at ARS began in February 2019 and students moved into the new building in January 2021.

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