Watch Kim Petras test vibrators on an ‘expensive taste test’


For those of you who are new in the Expensive taste test Game, welcome to the show where we test the Rich and Famous to see if they really know how to be Rich and Famous. And, again, if you’re new, know that every video starts out the same: “Got it! ” Hi.

Pop superstar and all around Queen of bangs Kim Petras says the same as everyone else. But, like, does she know the difference between cheap and expensive champagne? Even though she is “more about this weed life,” she enthusiastically agrees to give it a go. We give him accessories to try the expensive tequila too and some ~ love potions ~ on camera (keep reading for tea on potions !!!).

Speaking of attractiveness, since Valentine’s Day comes quickly (too much quickly?) approaching, we celebrated a bit of self-care by having Kim test love potions and vibrators. Kim, a self-proclaimed “Expert” on vibrators, won this round hands down. She even praised her fans who “were absolutely going to love this” segment, and TBH, we totally did. Plus, contrary to popular belief, expensive love potions are NOT cute and the pink and understated look like freshly watered dirt. Remember that before you try to get Timothée Chalamet your favorite to fall in love with you this Valentine’s Day, mmmkay?

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Literally, everything in this episode gave off fun, positive vibes, including the rose quartz and amethyst pendulum we tossed in front of her. QQ for crystals: Is Kim the best pop star you’ve ever seen? Well, you will only have to watch the video above to find out. Oh, and there might be an a cappella rendition of “Icy” in there as well.

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