Wallingford School Board Creates Assistant Superintendent Position for Director of Special Education

WALLINGFORD – The Board of Education this week approved a title change for the district-wide chief of special education, creating a third post of deputy superintendent.

Aimee Turner, who was director of school personnel services for two years, has been appointed deputy superintendent of special education.

Thursday’s decision removes Turner from the Wallingford School Administrators Association, the city’s union of school administrators.

Turner supervises two administrators in his department. Before the change, she was unable to assess and supervise these people because they were in the same bargaining unit, Superintendent Salvatore Menzo said Thursday.

“We had to take him out of the union,” he said, “but we can’t call him the same, because it already existed in the union. So we had to find a different title and, (after) meeting our lawyer, the only title that would be accepted would be Assistant Superintendent of Special Education.

The move to a director compensation level comes with an annual salary increase of $ 5,000 for Turner.

The duties of the position are similar, with the most important exception being that Turner is now able to assess other directors. She was already evaluating the teachers.

Menzo said the head of special education is “a key member of our core team,” attending central office staff meetings and school board meetings like the other two assistant superintendents, Danielle Bellizzi and Carrie LaTorre.

The district has been considering the change for a few years, Menzo said.

There are now seven administrative positions in the Wallingford School District not represented by a union – the superintendent, the three assistant superintendents, the business manager, the director of food services and the secretary to the superintendent.

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