Video shows retired NYPD officer attacks police with flagpole during riot on Capitol Hill

Body camera video released on Thursday shows retiree NYPD officer charges through metal barricades and attacking police with a flag pole during the Capitol Riot, federal officials said.

The Justice Department identified the man in the footage as Thomas Webster, who was indicted in February in the context of the January 6 attack.

He can be seen in the video challenging the police to remove his masks and protective headgear outside the United States Capitol before suddenly charging them, officials said.

“You communist mother of a family, f — you,” he shouted before lowering the crowd control barrier and swinging a flag pole, authorities said.

Webster, 54, tackled at least one officer during the melee, they said.

The clip released on Thursday matches the details outlined in a criminal complaint filed on February 19, before Webster’s surrender to authorities on February 22.

He “agrees to break through the metal barricade and begins charging at (a Washington, DC police officer) with closed fists,” officials said in the complaint.

“Webster finally pounces on (the officer) and knocks him to the ground,” they added. “Webster’s assault on (the officer) while on the ground lasts about ten seconds.”

The FBI distributed photos of him “to watch” before a high school administrator recognized him as a parent who regularly drops his child off at school.

He remains in detention on several counts, including assault, disorderly conduct and physical violence in a restricted area. He had previously pleaded not guilty to all counts.

His lawyer could not be reached immediately for comment on Friday.

Dozens of protesters, driven by false allegations of electoral fraud by then-President Donald Trump, stormed the United States Capitol on January 6 in hopes of overthrowing the 2020 election results. More than 480 people have been charged with federal riot related crimes.

After expelling the rioters from the Capitol, Congress formally accepted the Electoral College votes that placed President Joe Biden in the White House.

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