UT Tyler Longview Nursing Students Provide Physical Examinations for Ore City Students | Education

For families in Ore City ISD, access to medical care is limited, with the nearest provider around a 25-minute drive away. Another challenge for community members is paying for this care.

Nursing students from UT University Center Tyler Longview visited Ore City High School on Thursday to provide free physical sessions for track and field students and orchestra students. The University Interscholastic League needs physics.

“About 70% of our population lives below the poverty line,” said Ore City sporting director Ron Burnham. “Many don’t have insurance. Even going to a clinic, paying $ 25 can sometimes be difficult. We are very grateful to the UT Tyler Nursing Program for doing this and partnering with us.

Ore City ISD District Nurse Mindy Hamilton also said access to health care for students was an issue. The school tries to provide preventive care to students when it can.

“It certainly has an impact on the health not only of the family units, but also of their students, which then affects their performance here at school, because if you are not healthy you will not be able to. learn academically, “she said.” We have (the physical clinic). We have an asthma bus coming in. We have vaccination clinics that we stop at. We have hygiene clinics. dental care that will come to care for our children.

“Most of the time, they won’t get preventative care,” Hamilton said. “They won’t go to a dentist – it’s low on the totem pole. We try to get him to school because we know if we can reach the children … we also open a lot of things to their families. We believe that if we can attract them … we are better as a school because of it.

Fitness is another way the school contributes to preventative care, Burnham said. Athletic staff members work with students to keep them physically healthy.

“Plus, we talk to them about getting enough sleep at night,” he said. “A lot of our kids don’t understand that you can’t sleep for four hours and expect to go to school. We talk about nutrition with them. These are the three parts, and the physical is just part of them.

Deborah Crumpler, BSN coordinator for nursing at Longview University Center, said physical exams include checking for vision, blood pressure, pulse, height, weight and examination by a family nurse practitioner. .

“This is the first time that we are doing this and depending on how things are going we would like to replicate it in other schools that are underserved in the community,” she said. “We changed our program a few years ago to be more population-oriented, so we took students out into the community rather than just having them in the skills lab or hospitals. We want it to be more community driven. “

This community-oriented mindset is also reflected in nursing students.

“Patient care doesn’t just end in the hospital, or like a clinical setting, it’s also in the community,” said nursing student Tiffany Burns. “Now, in the midst of the pandemic, it’s good to be able to give back and help in any way you can. I love that we can actually get involved and help the students.

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