Twitter Controlled Anal Vibrators Are The Cyberpunk Future We Need

What if the technology was invasive but, you know, in a good way?

Say hello to Double-Oh, a custom battery that theoretically allows wireless control of any device using AA batteries. And, as its inventor Buck – the pseudonym fursona of a 31-year-old manufacturer based in Berlin – let Twitter know on Friday, that control extends to anal vibrators.

To demonstrate his invention, Buck connected a Double-Oh-augmented vibrator, which was then in use, to a Twitter poll.

“Here we go: my open source Wi-Fi vibrator is in my butt again” he wrote. “The intensity of the vibrations is controlled by the sounding. Liking the tweet means 10 more seconds of vibration. Retweeting means 30 more seconds of vibration.”

As of this writing, the tweet has 65 retweets, 20 quote tweets, and 242 likes.

“I’m really interested in the disarming combination – extreme privacy and total estrangement – that teledildonism brings,” Buck wrote in a Twitter direct message.

Buck explained his invention during a February presentation Double-Oh in his local hackerspace, xHain. By controlling the voltage levels, it can control the intensity of a vibrator. It can even “overclock” it and “send it to a higher voltage than it was ever intended to. [go to]. “

“The ‘Double-Oh’ is the drums themselves, the heart of the project,” Buck explained to Twitter DM. “It can be controlled via the internet, it can run models or even go above the standard 1.5 volts. Theoretically, it can be used anywhere an AA battery is used, but sex toys are a great way to demonstrate its capabilities and make a splash online, haha. “

Notably, the response to Buck’s Twitter experience has been enthusiastic in more ways than one. As a quote-tweeter (30 seconds of additional vibration) Noted, “This is the cyberpunk future I wanted instead of mega-corporations ushering in global hyperfascism amid environmental collapse and pandemic.”

And, indeed, social media as a way to spread the fun consensually across the world – as opposed to the spread of disinformation about the pandemic, misinformation about wildfires and the potential election misinformation – Of course, it seems strange these days. But damn it if it’s not so refreshing.

“It was kind of exhilarating to give up so much control, to cede that control to a chaotic place like Twitter,” Buck explained.

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It turns out that Twitter can be a surprisingly nice place. Who would have thought?

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