Travis Scott targeted by protesters at home: “You deserve bankruptcy”

Travis Scott targeted by protesters at home: “You deserve bankruptcy”

Travis Scott deals with protesters outside his home in Houston, Texas, with a woman claiming the rapper “deserves bankruptcy” as a result of the ‘Astromonde ‘ the tragedy.

Interestingly, it was a single woman who decided to picket outside the rapper’s home. To begin with, she is holding a sign that says “Travis Scott Lives Here” and makes it clear that she is protesting her involvement in the nine deaths associated with the “Astroworld” festival.

The other sign is a direct shot at the rapper, saying, “You have destroyed lives. You deserve Connecticut bankruptcy. The woman included the names of the organizations and others involved in organizing the concert.” Travis Scott, Live Nation, NRG Park and Apple Music. Additionally, the sign made reference to Drake’s appearance at the concert and Scott’s nickname, “Cactus Jack”.

Protesters picket outside Travis Scott’s house

Twitter / Brian Entin

A reporter covering the tragedy – Brian Entin – took a photo of the woman outside the house and said he believed the rapper was not home at the time.

The woman spoke to the media after cameras showed up to interview her over the protests against Scott, but declined to give her name. “It was several levels of failure, on the part of the event organizers, artists, officials”, said the woman.

She continued, “Local city ordinances and permits were clearly ignored, safety protocols were clearly not implemented when this was declared a mass casualty incident. That’s the reason I’m here. ”

Travis Scott’s safety surrounds the property and stood a few feet away during the protest, which drew cars and fans who pulled over and honked their horns. But, the woman was determined to make her point and made sure the new cameras got what footage of her protest.

Protester: I think these parties should go bankrupt

Travis Scott targeted by protesters at his home:

“I think these parties should go bankrupt,” she said, pointing to the names on her sign. Adding: “I haven’t seen any apologies from any of the parties involved, and understand they’re probably low key for legal purposes, but this was a massive loss of life for a gig. . And it was completely preventable.

As we reported, Travis Scott is heavily criticized for not stopping the gig earlier to try and stop the onslaught of fans heading for the limelight. Several videos have surfaced, allegedly showing Scott acknowledging that there is a problem in the crowd, but continue to perform.

The rapper’s spokesperson denies the allegation and points out that Travis is not responsible for shutting down a gig – something that is in the hands of the show’s producer. Additionally, the rapper claims he was unaware of the gravity of the situation as it arose.

Travis Scott faces multiple lawsuits for “Astroworld” festival

Travis Scott targeted by protesters at his home:

Many victims of the tragic incident and their families have filed lawsuits against the rapper and the venue, saying they should be held responsible for the deaths and injuries of the fans. Of course, there is insurance for this type of situation, but not enough to cover the massive amount of claims.

The death investigation is ongoing.

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