Tomes Law Firm, PC – Bankruptcy attorneys have three decades of experience helping individuals file for bankruptcy and start over

Since 1993, Tomes Law Firm, PC has been helping clients through the bankruptcy process. Clients can discharge their debts by filing for bankruptcy and get their finances in order with the services of this law firm. Tomes Law Firm, PC works with its clients to ease their financial burden and mental stress.

According to announcements published by Tomes Law Firm, PC – Bankruptcy Lawyersthe law firm has three decades of experience helping clients deal with financial crises through systematic debt resolution through available legal options.

The benefits of working with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, like the one at Tomes Law Firm PC, include peace of mind, financial planning for a secure future and improved credit rating, stopping wage garnishment and bank levies, and not having to deal with harassing creditors because the law firm is handling it for the client.

In New Jersey, Chapter 7 bankruptcies involve the liquidation of all assets to clear debts. This law firm helps clients fulfill their obligations before Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings begin. These include educating the debtor, satisfying the means test, and receiving credit advice.

A debtor benefits from the services of an experienced law firm. Tomes Law Firm, PC guides clients through the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process for secured and unsecured loans. It helps debtors create a payment plan to settle arrears over 3-5 years. Debt restructuring through Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires knowledge of the relevant laws and complex documentation.

More information about this law firm can be obtained at Tomes law firm, PC Facebook page.

The bankruptcy attorney at Tomes Law Firm, PC is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) and focuses on protecting the rights of debtors. This law firm has the training and experience to protect people in debt from aggressive creditors. Consumers and small businesses have benefited from the experience of this law firm, which has earned the respect of other law firms, judges and trustees.

Tomes Law Firm, PC said, “Our goal is to build a strong and thriving community through the success of our clients, to support socially responsible endeavors and to create better everyday lives for our clients, their families and businesses and to see their challenges as opportunities. Although you may be in dire financial straits, choosing between Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can make all the difference.

Bankruptcy works to relieve a person from crippling debts. Bankruptcy is not a punishment or a rescue for the financially irresponsible.

Many financially responsible people file for bankruptcy due to crippling debts that are not the result of reckless behavior. For example, medical bills and the financial burden of divorce are just a few of the many ways a responsible person can face a bleak future. Bankruptcy provides the means to get back on track and start building credit again.

According to the bankruptcy code, there are two chapters in which an individual can work to satisfy hostile debtors. One is Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the other is Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Each form of bankruptcy has its merits. If you need quality legal assistance deciding between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, contact Tomes Law Firm, PC for a consultation. Our firm is ready to guide you through your legal options and the process of filing for bankruptcy.

About the company:

Since 1993, Tomes Law Firm, PC is a results-oriented company that helps people overcome their debt and financial problems. He also handles estate planning and wills. It is a collaborative law firm renowned for its sharp client focus and affordability.

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