The queen of reggae puts an end to the rumors of “electric slide”: “I do not sing for vibrators! “

The singer of the famous “Electric Slide” is furious that people disparage her song “pure and happy” by suggesting that it is based on a sex toy.

The explosion spoke with Marcia griffiths, who said she was more than shocked and offended when she heard that her song “clean, pure and happy” had been turned into “something so mean”.

Earlier this week, news went viral that Griffiths’ “Electric Slide” was actually about a vibrator. Reports claimed that the original singer / songwriter, reggae legend Bunny Wailer, was behind the reveal. When Wailer first released the song in 1983 it was called “Electric Boogie”, Griffiths then remixed it into the famous dance version and said to us “I don’t sing for vibrators… I sing to teach , educate and raise. ”

She says the ’80s hit is about “positive vibes, not vibrators,” and that when she called Wailer to find out what was going on, he had no idea the rumor was.

The 68-year-old man, who once sang backing vocals for Bob marley, explains the real story behind the OG “Electric Boogie”. She bought a music box with a meager amount of money she earned performing in Toronto, then took the trinket home to her in Jamaica to show Bunny Wailer.

Griffiths says he wrote the song in less than 24 hours, and that “I bought this little box and came out of it a beautiful hit song that inspired Jamaicans”, and that “If it was of a vibrator, that would never have happened. ”

Plus, she says “We didn’t even know what a vibrator was.”

Now we don’t have to feel weird about doing the “electric slide” with our aunt at the next family function.

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