The LA Rams HOF Team Isaac Bruce “Absolutely!” must sign Antonio Brown

LA Rams HOFer Isaac Bruce pushes Rams to sign Antonio Brown

The LA Rams may have questions at the kicker. The team can be a bit average on the offensive line. The team can be a complete mystery in the linebacker. But the LA Rams are good at wide receiver. Not just good average, excellent. The Rams are so strong at the wide receiver that the team could literally cut players who might have been part of the 53-man roster in another year.

So when Rams HOFer WR Isaac Bruce walked up to the microphone for CBS Sports Radio for the Zack Gelb Show, was anyone really expecting Bruce to push for Antonio Brown? Yes, you heard right. Antonio Brown.

Bruce is very optimistic about rams this year

The show opened fairly harmlessly, with Gelb prompting Bruce to give his take on the LA Rams offense. Bruce believes quarterback Jared Goff will be parting ways with other NFL quarterbacks this year. We agree. He believes the LA Rams found the draft steal by selecting rookie running back Cam Akers. We also agree with that one.

At 2:40 on the show, Bruce sings the praises of the Rams’ close tandem of Gerald Everett and Tyler Higbee. Once again, we fully agree. At 3:00 am of the show, Zach Gelb broaches the topic of LA Rams wide receivers. His opinions are expressed eloquently and we share them as well. He loves receiving the Rams and believes rookie wide receiver Van Jefferson will be an impact player this season.

Bruce bullish on Brown

But at 4:00 am of the show, Gelb raises the possibility of signing free agent Antonio Brown. Bruce’s take on this topic is his when asked if the Rams should sign him:

“Absolutely!” Bruce said without hesitation, “I mean you’re talking about one of the first receivers in the last decade that we’ve had. A guy who was very productive. I think the guy started doing it. the 180 degree turn that is required to be part of a team, which I think he wants to be.

We do not share this belief. While rumors of adding Brown’s talent to the San Francisco 49ers or Seattle Seahawks rosters were concerning, the reward of adding Brown to any NFL team comes with even greater risk. great collapse. With the presence of an eight-game suspension associated with the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak, it is highly unlikely that such a deal will be reached between Brown and the LA Rams.

The Rams have a full banquet hall for this year, the team is slated for 2020, and the roster is likely already designed for 2021 as well. But Bruce likes the idea of ​​Brown on the Rams list. We don’t. Do you? And above all, the Rams?

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