The best GoPro cameras 2020: which model to choose?

Whether you want a camera that can follow your adventurous lifestyle or that will commemorate life’s greatest moments from a point of view, we love to use Go Pro cameras for video and photos.

The company makes cameras in a variety of prices and with different features, but they all have their small size in common. Designed to be hand-held or mounted on anything from a helmet to a snowboard to a selfie stick, GoPro’s are ideal for anyone who cares about weight you don’t want weigh down your suitcase with a bulky camera or change the balance of your snowboard.

What are the best GoPro action cameras?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right GoPro for you; below are the most important, which we considered when researching this list.

Image and video resolution: If you’re filming a once-in-a-lifetime event, you’ll want the photos and videos to look as good as possible. Video and photo resolution (image quality) may vary by GoPro, but our minimum requirement was the ability to shoot in 4K and take 10MP (megapixel) photos. This ensures that your memories will appear clearly on every screen in your home, from a laptop to a giant TV.

Video stabilization: Cameras with video stabilization reduce jittery photos and videos by using a mix of hardware and software to compensate for your movements. All of the GoPro’s in our guide have this feature, but some do a better job than others.

Dynamic range: This is a fancy way of saying better color accuracy and more contrast between dark and light parts of your images and footage. The more dynamic range a camera is capable of capturing, the more realistic everything looks.

Durability: GoPro’s are also known for their durability, with small, rugged cameras able to withstand harsh climates. Each model in our guide is waterproof, so you use them to capture a video of a rainy ATV ride or your latest snorkeling adventure.

Connectivity: All modern GoPro’s can be wirelessly connected to your phone via Bluetooth and WiFi, making it easy to upload, edit and share clips. You can also adjust the camera’s video settings, including white balance, sharpness, and exposure. Some models also have built-in hardware that allows you to start a live broadcast from the camera itself.

1. Best overall: GoPro HERO9 Black

Facebook / GoPro

The GoPro HERO9 Black is the company’s latest action camera, and it’s a big improvement over the HERO8 it replaces.

It can record videos at resolutions up to 5K @ 30FPS (frames per second) and take 20MP photos, so your media will be crystal clear whether you are watching it on your smartphone, laptop or TV. high resolution. While 5K videos are overkill today, you’ll enjoy having the best video possible as screen technology improves; There isn’t much you can do to improve the look of low-res videos or images.

The HERO9 supports HyperSmooth 3.0, the latest version of GoPro’s proprietary image stabilization technology, which can help you get usable footage in challenging situations like mountain biking, snowboarding or surfing. You can’t help but move around a lot in these situations, and HyperSmooth 3.0 can make sure your videos and photos don’t look blurry.

GoPro has also equipped the HERO9 with SuperPhoto, a custom technology that automatically analyzes the scene you’re about to shoot to make sure colors and lighting are as accurate as possible. Finally, the GoPro HERO9 has a feature called Hindsight, which constantly records the last 30 seconds of everything you do, so you don’t miss the start of an important shot.

All of these features make for great photos and videos with the least amount of effort. You’ll still have to think about how you frame your shot, but the HERO9 will do the heavy lifting. GoPro says this action camera is waterproof up to 33 feet (feet), so you can take it snorkeling without having to get a case.

This set of internal upgrades are welcome, but GoPro has also changed the design of the camera by adding a screen up front so you can frame your selfies or monitor your recording from all angles. He also made this camera modular, which means you can remove the lens and swap it out for a better one down the line, greatly extending the life of this camera.

Beyond all of this, GoPro’s HERO9 picks up on many benefits that were available on other GoPro models. This includes the ability to record a video on MicroSD memory cards, and stream live to FaceBook Live, YouTube or Twitch directly from the camera.

The HERO9 is GoPro’s best action camera yet, and if you need a way to capture your adventures with the least amount of effort, this is the one you should get.

To buy:
$ 399.99

2. Entry level: GoPro HERO7 Silver



The HERO7 Silver is the place to start if you are entering the world of action cameras.

It has a maximum video resolution of 4K at 30 fps with stabilization and can take 10 MP (megapixel) photos with a wide dynamic range. The camera has two microphones and intelligently uses them to reduce wind noise. GoPro says this camera is waterproof up to 33 feet.

You can adjust its settings in four ways: through the GoPro app, by tapping on its touchscreen, through voice commands, or by pressing the “mode” button on the side of the camera. The first three will give you access to more controls, but we like that you can cycle through some features with the push of a button during strenuous activity (think snowboarding with gloves on).

The camera records your media on a Micro SD card, which is the only essential accessory you will need to make it work. While we’re on the subject of accessories, the HERO7 is the only GoPro in our guide that requires a external support if you want to attach it to a tripod. This will add weight and bulk to the camera, which can get annoying if you’re trying to bring light with you.

It might not have all the features of high-end GoPro models, but the HERO7 Silver is still a great choice if you’re looking for your very first action camera.

To buy:
GoPro HERO7 Silver
$ 194.99

3. Ideal for 360 degree video: GoPro MAX

GoPro Max

Go Pro

The Max deserves its name by having features you won’t find on any other GoPro camera.

It has a maximum video resolution of 6K at 30fps and a maximum photo resolution of 18MP with Max HyperSmooth, an improvement over HyperSmooth 2.0.

These video specs don’t tell the whole story, however, as the GoPro Max is a normal action camera. and a 360 camera, which can stitch 360 ° video at 5.6K (30fps) and photos at 16.6mp. In 360 mode, the camera will automatically take and stitch these photos and videos together, so you won’t have to manually manipulate them on your phone or computer.

It can also capture photos without distortion at 270 °; again, the camera assembles everything automatically. You can even shoot smooth 360 ° time-lapse video.

These video capabilities are complemented by a six microphone audio system that captures directional audio to create a 360 ° surround sound effect.

Despite all of this, the GoPro Max is actually a bit worse than the other cameras in this guide. It doesn’t have the HERO9’s front screen (it was replaced by a microphone), and it only has a 16-foot waterproof rating. Neither is a snap, but the extra hardware in this camera means it has suffered a slight hit in durability. It’s also weird that it can only live stream 1080p videos, but that can be a limitation of YouTube and Facebook Live.

Beyond that, the GoPro MAX retains many of the same physical characteristics found in more basic models. It has a touchscreen, physical trigger, mode switch button and stores your media on a Micro SD card. It’s about an inch taller than the other cameras in this guide, but that’s okay, especially since it has GoPro’s folding fingers, so you might not need a external support.

The GoPro MAX is a padded action camera that is an especially good choice if you want to film or live stream 360 ° videos or photos. If you want to capture your next trip or sporting event in a way that can help you relive those moments more accurately than ever, this is the right choice.

To buy:
$ 489.00

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