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We are all Harry Potter fans in my house. But my 10 year old daughter is particularly attentive to books, movies and anything related to the hit series. And since we spent long days at home, she searched for virtual Harry Potter activities to get into her obsession and keep busy.

So I asked her to share her favorite virtual ways of interacting with some of her favorite books. Here are his recommendations.

Wizarding world

For new Harry Potter fans, not yet familiar with everything out there, we’ll start with Wizarding world. It is the “official hub” for fans of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and is an outgrowth of Pottermore, the original site of author JK Rowling. Here you can join the official Harry Potter fan club and explore the site’s vast amount of offers and activities.

“I like it because you can be spread out in a house and there are lots of things to do,” says my daughter.

Harry potter at home

Featured this month, Harry potter at home is part of Wizarding World, but on its own deserves a call. Created to provide activities while we’re all stuck at home during the pandemic, the site includes the audiobook version of the first Harry Potter book for free. You will also find special activity kits, magic craft videos, puzzles and other activities.

“I love Harry Potter at home because they really understand what kids like, and they created it specifically for what we’re going through at the time,” shares my 10-year-old.

Harry Potter Digital Escape Room

A creation of a Pennsylvania librarian, the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room requires you to solve various puzzles to “escape”.

“I love the Hogwarts digital escape room because you can do it multiple times and you can do it alone or with your family,” says my 10-year-old.

Harry potter

Harry Potter on Bloomsbury

the the Harry Potter website of the publishing house includes surveys, “magic” downloads, videos, and opportunities to meet the illustrators behind the books, among other activities.

“I really like the Bloomsbury publishing website because you can take questionnaires over and over again,” says my 10-year-old.

Harry Potter on Scholastic

Speaking of publishers, Scholastic, the American publisher of the Harry Potter books, offers the Harry Potter Book Club with activities, a virtual author’s tour with Rowling, games and educational activities. (Hats off to my daughter who loves Harry Potter amazing fourth grade teacher for sharing this one.)

Hogwarts ties

Harry Potter on FactMonster

My daughter really liked taking the different Harry Potter related quizzes on FactMonster, an educational website, including quizzes on each of the books.

Harry Potter on Sporcle

You will find more quizzes on this site to test your knowledge. My daughter especially liked the Harry Potter name string.

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