Teenager gets 10 years for shooting and injuring 2 people in high school

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (AP) — A teenager was sentenced Friday to 10 years behind bars for shooting and wounding two classmates at a Virginia high school last year.

Newport News judge Christopher Papile handed down a sentence that will include time in a juvenile detention center as well as a state prison, The Virginian-Pilot reported..

The teenager was 15 at the time of the shooting at Heritage High School in Newport News, a shipbuilding town near the Atlantic coast.

“I can’t ignore that he brought a gun to school, got into an argument and decided to pull the gun out, fired multiple times, hitting these two victims,” ​​Papile told the court.

Noting that the teenager fired the shots in a crowded hallway, the judge said he was “flabbergasted that it wasn’t much worse”.

A 17-year-old student the teenager was fighting with was shot at least three times, including to the side of the face. Another 17-year-old student, an innocent bystander who was running away, was kicked in the leg. Both students have recovered from their injuries, according to court documents.

Prosecutors had asked the judge for a 10-year sentence, while public defenders had asked for five years in a juvenile detention center.

The judge noted that the teenager had already been charged with shooting someone else – and pleaded guilty – at the time of the high school shooting.

“It wasn’t the first time he pulled out a gun and shot someone,” Papile said.

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