Teacher Anthony tackles vulnerability and life skills through new school curriculum

ANTHONY, Texas — College can be tough, especially after the pandemic. Learning to express emotions has become a difficult issue for some, but Anthony ISD strives to help his high school students deal with maturity issues.

It’s called the Transformers program run solely by the schools physical education coach, Alberto Villalobos. It is primarily aimed at boys, but all students are welcome.

Every Monday over lunch, Villalobos meets with a few students to talk about things like managing emotions and navigating relationships. He also works to teach them skills like tying a tie. Villalobos serves as a role model and even a parental figure for his student, providing them with a safe space.


“They can talk about these issues that maybe they don’t tell their parents,” he said.

The program also caters to students who are referred. Villalobos said he saw a big change in student behavior from the program.

“With Covid going on, when we came back (to in-person learning), it was difficult for students to know how to act in class. So that’s one of the things that we’ve changed…the behavior issues have really changed, they’re going down.

Student Angel Dominguez says the program is helping him and his classmates become better men.

“It teaches me that I need to be a better person at some point, not just be a bit confused by my emotions,” Dominguez said. “(Coach Villalobos) pretty much teaches you to be positive.”

Villalobos hopes this program will not only grow in middle school, but also expand into high school.

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