Tallapoosa County School System Gets Mobile STEM Classroom

TALLAPOOSA COUNTY, Ala. (WSFA) – The Tallapoosa County School District now has a classroom on wheels.

The school system has found an innovative way to introduce students to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) with a new 49-foot trailer.

The mobile lab will travel to campuses in Reeltown, Dadeville and Horseshoe Bend and serve approximately 1,500 students at multiple grade levels. The Classroom on Wheels is an extension of the existing Edward Bell Career Technical Center school systems.

“We challenged the Career Technology Center to reach more students than those who actually came to the Career Technology Center,” said Tallapoosa County Schools Superintendent Raymond Porter. “The plan is to move this to one campus, leave it for a while, and then move it to another campus and leave it for a while.”

Inside the classroom, students will find everything STEM related, like 3D printing, CNC, welding, virtual reality and more. Porter even said the trailer has a canopy so students can fly drones and participate in science experiments outside.

“What they’re going to learn here in this trailer will prepare them for the next phase of their lives,” Porter said.

School officials said that because the district is so rural and their schools are so spread out, the trailer will allow for more flexibility and help them meet students where they are.

“In a rural school system like ours, we don’t have all the advantages of a big city. It allows us to have all of these advantages,” Porter said. “It gets students out of straight rows and lectures, and it gives them an interactive opportunity to engage with what they’re doing and not just listen to the opportunities that come their way.”

The district is still looking for a truck to pull the trailer. They hope to have the mobile classroom fully operational by January.

The portable classroom cost $284,000. The school district paid for it with a $225,000 state grant. The school board paid for the additional costs.

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