Superintendent: Shakopee’s two public schools pass operating royalties | Shakopee Education

According to the superintendent, Dr. Mike Redmond, on Tuesday evening, the two public schools in Shakopee passed questions on operating royalties.

The unofficial results show that 5,060 voters, or 66.4%, voted to pass question 1 against 2,566 voters, or 33.6%, against, according to Redmond.

4,774 voters, or 62.7%, voted to pass question 2 against 2,836 voters, or 37.3%, against. With the passing of question 1, the results of question 2 are also passed.

Redmond said the results show residents of Shakopee value the future of education in the community.

“I think our community has heard the message this year and understood where we are as a school district and what we are trying to do in terms of impact on student learning,” Redmond said.

Successful completion of question 1 will generate $ 7,537,951 in annual operating revenue. Success of question 2 will generate an additional $ 3,481,655 for the district.

These results come nearly a year after Shakopee’s election in 2020, when the proposed levy failed and resulted in additional budget cuts of $ 5.4 million ahead of the 2021-2022 school year.

The school board will call for the votes at 7 p.m. on Thursday, November 11 in the District Council Chambers, 1200 Shakopee Town Square. The canvassing will be open to the public.

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