Superintendent, School Board mutually agree to separate | Local News

The Fountain Hills Unified School District Board of Trustees held a special meeting on Wednesday, April 6, when members voted unanimously to accept the resignation of Superintendent Kelly Glass.

Glass was initially offered a one-year contract to serve as Superintendent of FHUSD on March 18, 2020. On January 14 this year, board members voted in favor of an investigation by a third parties on Glass after some issues were brought to their attention. As this is a personnel matter, FHUSD is limited on what information it can share from the process.

In a statement released by the Commission on Thursday, April 7, the investigation found that Glass had committed no wrongdoing. Glass followed district policies regarding allegations of bullying, the report said, did not retaliate against several former employees, and presented the board with specific information about an employee’s resignation.

The statement was part of the Council employees’ separation agreement with Glass, and Council members could not share more details than what was in the statement. While the investigation concluded Glass was clear, the board and Glass realized they had different visions for the future of FHUSD and this led to the split.

After accepting the separation agreement, the board voted unanimously to begin the search for a new superintendent at the special meeting. The drafted schedule has a new superintendent approved by Tuesday, May 10.

Board chair Nadya Jenkins said the timeline is not set in stone. The hope is to hire someone and have them observe and learn from Acting Superintendent Dr. Patrick Sweeney before he leaves the district on June 30.

The job posting for superintendent was posted on the FHUSD website on April 7, and the next step in the hiring process is to form two interview panels. One committee will be made up of staff and two council members, and the other committee will be made up of community members, parents and three council members.

Each committee will be led by a director and those interested in participating should contact the district office at 480-664-5000. Jenkins said the board typically recruits committee members from volunteer groups or other school organizations because the board already has their contact information. Jenkins has served on these committees as a parent and board member and said the size of the committee is between 10 and 12 people.

Jenkins also proposed that the Board consider previous nominations and review their nominations without requiring them to re-nominate at the special meeting. It could speed up the hiring process, but Jenkins said the board may have to extend the deadline and broaden its search.

“We realize that we’re not just trying to get a hot body to fill the slot,” Jenkins said. “We want to make sure the person we get is suitable for our district. It’s really a balancing act between who is the right person and who is available in our current schedule.

According to the schedule, superintendent applications will be independently reviewed and scored by board members and site administrators. Two to four candidates will then be identified as finalists by April 27.

Finalists will be interviewed on May 4, and then the Board plans to hold an executive session in the following days to select a candidate to offer a contract.

More information will be available at future Governing Board meetings as the search for a replacement superintendent continues. The next board meeting is a business meeting today, Wednesday, April 13, at 6:30 p.m. at the FHUSD Learning Center.

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