Stuck inside? Ella Paradis offers 1,000 free vibrators for those who are confined

Ella Paradis is giving Ella’s BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend) free to anyone in the United States who is locked or stuck inside. This vibrator is initially priced at $ 49.99, and during this promotion all the user needs to cover is the shipping and handling charges ($ 9.99 + tax).

Ella Paradis, leader in online sales of sexual health and wellness products, today announced the launch of a new vibrator, dubbed Ella’s BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend), and will distribute it free to anyone in the world. United States which may remain indoors due to current restrictions. . This vibrator is initially priced at $ 49.99, and during this promotion all the user needs to cover is the shipping and handling charges ($ 9.99 + tax).

Many large cities in the United States have forced bars and restaurants to close, large-scale events are called off, and businesses are requiring employees to work from home, leaving singles not only isolated, but with very little hope. to maintain some kind of love life during this pandemic.

Being completely isolated during this time could cause even more stress and anxiety than people can currently have, and that extra stress could weaken the immune system. According to the National Institute of Health, during orgasm, oxytocin is released from the brain, which could help relieve stress. In addition, this release of oxytocin can also help strengthen the immune system. Thus, masturbation can not only help prevent illness, but also any feeling of depression as a result of these troubling times.

“Our goal as a company has always been to be fun, and people need fun more than ever. This is why we believe it is our duty as a company to help people in any way we can! Explained Tino Dietrich, CEO of Ella Paradis.

Ella’s Battery Operated Boyfriend is a G-spot vibrator with 7 vibration modes and 3 different speed functions. Made from ABS plastic, it is also IPX4 waterproof. The IP rating of a product determines its resistance to certain environmental elements. IPX4 protects a product from splashing water from any direction. This means that although it cannot be completely submerged under water, users will have no problem cleaning the item in the sink. This product also requires 2 AAA batteries, and they are not included with the product. Each customer can only use one free vibrator, and it is only available to the first 1,000 customers.

Founded in 2015, Ella Paradis’s mission is to please everyone with high-end products and quality service. They hope to empower adults by providing them with optimal solutions, resources and content to improve their quality of life through informed decisions about sexual health and well-being. They strive to provide an environment where everyone feels comfortable embracing their sexuality without feeling ashamed or degraded. They are committed to making the experience of pleasure affordable and accessible to all, while breaking the stigma surrounding sexuality.

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