Stamford superintendent proceeds with new timetable despite concerns

STAMFORD – Superintendent Tamu Lucero said she plans to move forward with the transition to the 4×4 hybrid bouldering schedule next year at Stamford High and Westhill High School, despite recent concerns expressed by school principals regarding the potential “catastrophic” consequences on student achievement and graduation.

Last week, Principal Matthew Forker of Stamford High School and Michael Rinaldi of Westhill High School sent a letter to Lucero asking that high schools switch to an A/B block schedule rather than the 4×4 hybrid block, saying that The 90 minute A/B block schedule, which is already in use at AITE, would have many of the same benefits as the 4 x 4 hybrid block while avoiding the potential negative consequences.

“In our professional opinion, the very real risk of having large numbers, perhaps hundreds of students without a full schedule, would have a catastrophic impact on academic achievement, graduation rates, as well as general management and sure of our high schools,” they wrote. .

Lucero sent a communication to the Board of Education Thursday morning saying the district had heard the high schools’ concerns and that she believed the district would be able to mitigate any potential issues.

“We have listened to and understood all of the concerns presented and are confident that we will be able to resolve them as we move forward,” Lucero wrote.

School board president Jackie Heftman wrote in an email to CT Examiner that the board would receive more information as the planning process is completed.

“The superintendent recognizes the challenges associated with implementing a new high school schedule. She provides support to planners and is confident that they will complete their task successfully,” Heftman wrote.

Lucero said the district will work with district education consultant Maria Fiori, the district’s research department, school counselors and a consultant for the online platform PowerSchool to help create the new schedule.

“Selecting this schedule continues to be in the best interests of our students, providing the greatest flexibility, access and opportunity, which ultimately remains our goal moving forward,” Lucero wrote.

Amy Beldotti, the district’s associate superintendent of teaching and learning, has said in the past that the hybrid block schedule will give students more opportunities to work and attend college classes outside of school. , as well as giving students who failed the opportunity to retake a course the following semester.

In a joint statement Thursday, Forker and Rinaldi said they maintained initial reservations around the 4×4 hybrid block schedule, but would do their best to implement it.

“We strongly stand by our recommendation to move to the AB schedule, but as noted now, we will continue to work diligently to complete the 4×4 hybrid schedule,” they wrote.

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