Spanish anarchists send explosive packages containing vibrators to Catholics

The “Anticlerical Pro Sex Toys Group” in Spain sent bombs to prominent Roman Catholics, hiding the explosives in packages containing vibrators, according to The Guardian.

At least two mini-bombs were sent, according to the Spanish public news agency EFE. A device exploded in a postal sorting center, slightly injuring the woman who handled the package.

The group targeted the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Pamplona, ​​Francisco Pérez, and the director of a private school belonging to the Legionaries of Christ movement in Madrid. The archbishop said he vaguely recalled police taking away a suspicious package. “We didn’t give it much importance, but later it was said to be a bomb,” he said.

Anarchists, who use other names, including Artisans Club for New Uses for Coffee, have claimed responsibility for the explosives intended for Catholics. in a letter was reportedly emailed to an anarchist website. They also claimed to have made a bomb from an espresso machine filled with gunpowder and shrapnel that had been planted in a bank branch.

Police believe the same group is behind a bomb packed inside a pressure cooker that was left near the Madrid prosecutor’s office but did not explode.

In their letter, the group apparently wrote, “Please accept our apologies. Next time we will not fail.”

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