South Harrison High School football team make their own comeback to ‘quarantine’

LOST CREEK, W.Va. – The South Harrison High School football team went into quarantine four days before the school’s prom. But, that didn’t stop the parents from initiating their own “quarantined” return home to the team.

The team, made up of seven seniors and three in the returning field, were unable to attend the official return from school due to the quarantine for COVID-19.

Football coach Lauren Coffman said the idea started with her and a parent telling the students they would throw a party for them, and it turned into a fully planned ride home within 72 hours. following the start of quarantine.

South Harrison High School football coach Lauren Coffman creates a back-to-home “quaranteam” balloon arch for her players.

Coffman said she couldn’t do anything like this without the support of the community.

“That’s what our community really is, and we couldn’t do things like this without everyone’s help,” said Coffman, who coaches the mixed team. “At the end of the day, we’re happy that everyone is healthy and safe, and we’re really excited to be able to give them this tonight. They are going to have a blast, I know they will. It’s a great group of kids and they really deserve it.

The South Harrison High School football team have already overcome difficulties this year by combining the boys ‘and girls’ teams for a mixed team, whose season ended earlier this week after losing their sectional match.

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