So many things went wrong in the last game in the loss to the Broncos

There was so much wrong with the Patriots’ last game in the Broncos loss on Sunday.

The New England Patriots suffered many ugly losses throughout the Bill Belichick era, and that was to be expected. After all, no dynasty is perfect, and there are bound to be pitfalls in the path to supremacy.

However, we honestly can’t remember a match in which they came out flat and failed to recover quite like Sunday loss to Denver. Although they didn’t allow a touchdown and forced two interceptions against Broncos quarterback Drew Lock in the fourth quarter, the Patriots ended up losing in a low-scoring affair.

To say New England were lucky to have the ball with a chance to win the game in the last minute is an understatement, but just like the previous 58 minutes, the offense was not carried out. After being stopped in three consecutive games, the game ended in a 4th and a 10 just outside the red zone.

Unfortunately for Patriots fans, what happened was a complete nonsense as Cam Newton’s attempted pass against wide receiver N’Keal Harry was not close to being completed. We don’t want to blow up offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, but what was that game?

For starters, it seemed like Harry had made a mistake or hadn’t improvised by playing directly into the Broncos’ defensive scheme. Newton makes a great read and whipped up the pass near the sideline assuming the young receiver would break on the outside, but he didn’t.

It’s obviously more about Harry than Newton, but should the QB really aim for the 2019 first-round pick after failing to register a reception the whole game? Probably not. In Newton’s defense, he didn’t exactly have time to go through his progressions and see if his other wideouts were open, which brings us to our next point.

We get that the offensive line has been decimated and players were playing in unknown positions, but they really couldn’t come together and provide some resistance for ONE game? Yes, Denver brought the kitchen sink on a blitz, but the Patriots had two more blockers lined up in the backfield and the group still hasn’t done their job.

We would also have preferred that James White, who has led the team in receiving and is more than capable of missing a defender, escaped as a receiver after delivering a block, but we didn’t get anything out of it. all of this.

Another reason Newton targeted Harry? Because the other two wide ones, Julian Edelman and Damiere Byrd, both drove a crossing road and ended up in the same spot. Maybe having them so close was supposed to confuse the defense, but if it does, Harry’s surefire option may not be to botch his mission.

It would have been nice to see if Newton’s pass was over if Harry had broken for the throw-in, but this game was clearly doomed from the start and it sums up the lack of execution of the offense in defeat perfectly. .

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