Sick staff led e-learning transition to River Bluff

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) – Families at River Bluff High School will be temporarily returning to an online learning model on Monday, and their principal said it was because there weren’t enough healthy staff.

On Friday evening, Lexington School District One sent an email stating that the school will be sticking to the following virtual schedule for the next few days:

Monday January 10 – Full day of e-learning

Tuesday January 11 – Full day of e-learning

wednesday 12 january – Full day of e-learning

Thursday January 13 – Half-day of e-learning (Previously half-day planned for students with dismissal at 12:40 p.m.)

Friday January 14 – No school for the pupils (previously scheduled teacher’s working day)

Monday January 17th – No school for students (Holidays)

Tuesday, January 18 – Provisional return to school for face-to-face teaching

On Friday evening, Lexington School District One sent an email stating that the high school will be subject to the following virtual schedule over the next few days.(River Bluff High School)

Superintendent Dr Greg Little told WIS the district was struggling with staff members too sick to return to class.

COVID-19 is preventing hundreds of staff and thousands of students from entering.

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As of January 7, the district reports:


  • 131 cases of positive employees active throughout the district
  • 129 other excluded staff members across the district


  • 407 active positive student cases
  • 1,523 other excluded students

The definition of the excluded district is as follows:A person who has to stay at home in order not to go to school or work either because they have symptoms such as COVID-19 (symptomatic exclusion) or because they have had close contact with a person tested positive (quarantine).

As of January 7, River Bluff High School reports:


  • 14 cases of active positive employees
  • 16 other excluded staff


  • 44 active positive student cases
  • 132 other excluded students

Little said the new 5-day quarantine policy did not have a significant impact on staffing levels.

“What is happening at River Bluff is that a lot of employees were getting sick. What we are seeing is that although the new quarantine and isolation rules allow people to come back early, they cannot come back early if they are still not feeling well, ”he said. . Little said he was not aware of any hospital staff and said the district office does not monitor the immunization level of district staff.

He described the decision to make River Bluff virtual as a “last resort” and declined to comment on whether other schools were on the verge of reverting to online learning due to a lack of healthy staff.

“It doesn’t matter what school they are in, whatever the age of their child, [families] need to make sure they have a plan in case something like this happens in their school, ”he said.

He said the district will work to give parents as much prep time as possible if a change occurs and echoed the sentiment of River Bluff’s planned return on Tuesday, January 18.

“We will follow this day after day. We’re not going to look at it on Monday night and say ‘hey, what do we do?’ “, did he declare.

River Bluff High School parent Bob Young said he was surprised and upset by the news.

“We did all the right things. We have done everything, we have 3 children, the 2 children from high school, we have done everything for the T ”, he declared.

He said he was sorry to hear that the teachers are getting sick and praying for them.

Young said he wished there was a way to move resources to keep children in school and allow them to participate in their sports.

“I think more variations are coming, and I just hope that at some point we can respond to them better, no matter what, so that healthy kids and teachers can get on with it. adapt, ”he said.

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