Several incidents under investigation at Clovis High School

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) — There were several tense moments at Clovis High on Tuesday.

The parent of a student at Clovis High School tells Action News that a man was knocking on the door and windows of a classroom during the first period.

Somehow the man was allowed into the classroom.

The man then got into a loud verbal argument with the teacher, which scared many students. Another teacher reportedly entered the room to try to defuse the situation and the man eventually left.

The district says a student misread the man’s clothes and let him in. A parent says the student thought he was a maintenance worker.

Later that day, around 1 p.m., the school was ordered to shelter in place after a threatening call to reception.

Police surrounded the school and determined the call was a hoax.

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The students remained in their 6th period classes from then until their dismissal.

Nearby Clovis Elementary School also sheltered in place as a precaution.

This call is under investigation.

As for the man who entered the classroom, the district says the principal is taking steps to ensure doors are only opened to people with the correct credentials.

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