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Members of the Schuyler Community Schools School Board pose for a photo in March. SCS recently submitted its request for $ 4.3 million in emergency relief funds for Elementary and Secondary III schools, of which approximately $ 2 to $ 2.4 million for CVC upgrades and $ 600,000 for the renovation of the district office to add six classrooms for a bilingual program.


Schuyler Community Schools is working to establish a bilingual program in its district office.

SCS Superintendent Dan Hoesing said the district submitted in September its application for Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Assistance (ESSER) III, with $ 600,000 of the $ 4.3 million total. eligible dollars being reserved for additional classrooms at the district office. The school district has four years to spend the ESSER funds. According to the Associated Press, Schuyler Community Schools are expected to receive $ 6,721,093 in total ESSER funds, or $ 3,317.42 per student.

During the renovation, six classrooms would be added in two wings of the building for a bilingual kindergarten to grade two program. The district office is a former retirement home that SCS bought about two years ago.

Earlier this year, SCS received public comments on the use of COVID-19 dollars; near the top of the list was overhauling English-language arts education to “fully integrate education for students with limited English proficiency,” according to publicly available documents on the website. SCS.

SCS is a majority school district, according to its ESSER III app, with a large population of students who are or have been learners of English.

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The renovation project is estimated at $ 900,000, with the remaining $ 300,000 being funded by additional funds the school district received in the form of state aid.

“In our state aid this year, we received an additional $ 488,000 for what they call a new school adjustment,” Hoesing told the Schuyler Sun on Monday. “… The whole project would be carried out either with additional state aid or with ESSER funds. “

SCS has completed the first steps of the remodeling process.

“We just finished surveying this property (district office) so it will be the north driveway and sidewalk that will be repaired or replaced first,” Hoesing said. “Then we will go over the design project with the architects on the six classrooms that we plan to put in the two wings. “

Once the remodel design is complete, SCS’s Education Council will solicit bids for a contractor and then set deadlines for the work to be completed, he said. The timeline for the renovation will be established once a contractor is approved, he added.

During the regular Colfax County Council meeting on September 28, Hoesing provided a general update to the County Council, where he discussed the renovation project. Hoesing told commissioners that there was not enough room at Schuyler Elementary School for the bilingual program and that classrooms were being added to the district office so that the elementary school was not overcrowded.

This will not affect the other two SCS elementary schools – Fisher’s School near Schuyler and Richland School near Richland. The Richland school already has a bilingual Kindergarten to Grade 3 program.

“We’ll work to get those six rooms into this building (the district office), then the rooms in Richland, we’ll still have 100 kids there,” Hoesing told the county council, noting that he didn’t want to. see the closure of rural schools.

“I’m happy to hear this too,” said District 2 Commissioner Carl E. Grotelueschen. “These are good solid facilities …”

Approximately $ 2 to $ 2.4 million of ESSER III funds will be used to retrofit the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in part of Schuyler Central High School and the district office.

“We filed the HVAC systems upgrade request from adding 53 to the high school, and then the northern science and math classrooms are involved as they are tied to the old system,” Hoesing said Monday.

“In the retrofit retirement home, part of the classroom redevelopment… when you do a project like this, you update it to current standards, so we would use the ESSER money to put those rooms in. class to current standards.

The school district’s plans also call for spending approximately $ 1 million in ESSER III funds for program training, learning loss and upgrades to technology, security and phone systems, added. Hoesing.

“There’s about a million over three or four years for curriculum and training. And probably around $ 800,000 for district technology upgrades, ”Hoesing said.

Hannah Schrodt is the editor-in-chief of the Schuyler Sun. Contact her by email at [email protected]

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