School Board Election – Albuquerque Public Schools

Posted: September 17, 2021

School board election

In his weekly post, the Superintendent. Elder invites employees and the public to the School Board Candidate Forums and encourages them to vote in the next election.

Board Members Lorenzo Garcia, Candelaria Patterson, Elizabeth Armijo and Dr David Peercy

All elections matter, but the one in a few weeks is especially important to me because on November 2 the voters of Albuquerque will choose my bosses.

Four of the seven seats on the Albuquerque Public Schools Education Board are up for grabs, and one of the roles of the newly elected board members will be to manage the superintendent. The council also sets policy, approves the district’s over $ 1 billion budget, and shapes the direction of education in our community.

As an APS employee and a member of the community, you should also be interested in this election. Our Board of Directors makes decisions that impact your work, our schools, the students we serve and the families we support. The type of education we offer has a profound effect not only on the lives of our students, but also on our city, state, nation. As the New Mexico School Boards Association put it, school board members “represent the public on a board that has a responsibility to provide the best possible educational opportunities for all children residing in the city. school district ”.

This is a big responsibility that current members of the Board of Directors take to heart and which will fall heavily on new members.

Our board of directors will have four new members shortly after polling day. None of the incumbents – Dr David Peercy, Lorenzo Garcia, Candeleria Patterson and Elizabeth Armijo – are standing for re-election. I cannot thank these Board members enough for their combined 30 years of invaluable service. I am proud to have worked with them and the three other board members – Barbara Petersen, Peggy Muller-Aragón and Yolanda Montoya-Cordova. The whole team has always put the best interests of the students first despite controversy, opposition or hindsight.

Our students are at the center of the work of the Board of Education. This was especially evident during the pandemic, when board members faced difficult decisions regarding distance and unfinished learning; physical, mental and emotional health; school safety; support for teachers and staff; family awareness and communication; and community partnerships. No decision is taken lightly as each board member spends countless hours reading, researching and learning about often unprecedented issues. The time and effort they devote to their elected positions is mind-boggling. They respond to emails and phone calls; visit schools and consult with administrators, teachers and staff; listen to students and families; demand more data, documentation and evidence; brainstorm with district leaders and with each other.

Since we were appointed APS Superintendent, we have developed a comprehensive strategic plan for this school year and beyond. We work on a strong vision with achievable goals that can improve PSA based on strengths, culture, languages ​​and experiences. The APS School Board has insisted on a plan that celebrates our successes and showcases our students, staff and schools in ways that have never been recognized before, even as we look for ways to continue to. improve ourselves.

Much of Albuquerque’s success rests with the Albuquerque Public Schools Education Council, which works tirelessly on behalf of the younger members of our community so that they can be successful not only in school but in life. life.

This is why it is so important for you to learn about the candidates and to vote if you live in one of the four electoral districts:

  • District 3, which includes Valley and Albuquerque High Schools
  • District 5, which includes West Mesa High School
  • District 6, which includes Eldorado, Manzano and Sandia secondary schools
  • District 7, which includes Del Norte and La Cueva high schools

The public will have the opportunity to get to know the 13 candidates better during the forums on September 27 and 28, which will be broadcast live on the APS YouTube channel. I encourage you to connect:

  • Monday Sept. 27: 6 p.m. – District 3, 7 p.m. – District 5
  • Tuesday Sep 28: 6 p.m. – District 6, 7 p.m. – District 7

You can also submit questions for applicants, which are due before 5 p.m. today (Friday, September 17). And, we will be posting questionnaires for candidates for election to school board members.

Make a plan to vote. Even if there is no school board election in your district, you can vote for a set of APS bonds that will help modernize aging schools and facilities and pay for technology. The mayor’s race and some city council races are also on the ballot. Your voice, your vote, matters.

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