Roth steps down as principal of Flagstaff High School; Cullen opens up about his resignation | Education

Cullen said that, if the opportunity presented itself, he would not treat the incident any differently, even though he often pondered the matter.

“I sat down. Do I have a parent who wants to file a complaint? No. Do I have a victim? No. … That kid who walked in and took the video. Did they want to get out of the classroom, were they? No. Did that upset some people? Absolutely. I also talked to some of these parents, and with the relationship that we have built, I feel like these parents really said : “Tony, we trust what you do.”

He said a relative lodged a complaint with him between May and July and that another relative “wanted to come and ask me questions.”

Cullen’s resignation was finalized at the August 10 board meeting. Several teachers and community members attended the meeting in support and his resignation was approved on the consent agenda without comment from the board.

Cullen attended the meeting, although he did not make a public comment at the time, and said it was “disappointing.”

“I spent 22 years in the district, I traveled to all the events I could attend, I was at school every night and I was at home visits,” he said. . “… And then I go to the school council meeting where they are going to announce my retirement, and I went over there and I sat in the front row on purpose because I think after 22 years they would have at least you said thank you. But they didn’t even want to recognize that I existed.

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