Redmond School District ‘proud’ staff for handling foreclosure situation

(Update: video added, Redmond School District comments, parent)

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Other counselors were on hand at Ridgeview High School Friday to help any students who wanted to talk about Thursday’s spooky lockdown.

Students were locked in classrooms for 98 minutes after a report a student may have a gun on campus.

No guns were found and no arrests were made.

Sheila Miller, public information officer for the Redmond School District, said the Ridgeview administrative team will do a debriefing and then district administrators will do a debriefing, looking at what procedures went well during the lockdown and what who could have been better.

“If the kids need to talk about it, that’s totally okay, and we want them to feel comfortable sharing,” Miller said.

Miller also said she understood the frustration of some parents after finding out about the lockdown through student texts or social media.

“We’re never going to be faster than social media, and we’re never going to be faster than students texting,” Miller said.

Miller cited the district’s priority list in a situation like this.

“But our # 1 priority has to be the safety of students and staff, the safety of this building and the safety of our children,” Miller said. “And so this is the number one priority. Once we know this is the case, we will contact the families. “

Parent Michael Forester was inside Ridgeview Thursday afternoon picking up his daughter for an early termination, and got caught in the lockdown.

“I don’t know, maybe they could have done something to get the call through earlier, but it seemed like everyone was pretty busy,” Forester said.

He said he thinks everything was handled calmly and professionally.

“I had seen people say there had been gunshots and there had been a bomb threat,” Forester said. “But I was there 10 minutes before I even entered the building, and there was no gunshot, so I don’t know where that was coming from.

Forester’s daughter told him that a student overheard another student say he had a gun.

Miller said a similar report was behind the lockdown.

“It was a report from someone who thought they heard something,” Miller said. “And so I’m really proud of our staff for taking this seriously. “

NewsChannel 21 asked Miller if anyone was arrested on Thursday.

“No, no student has been arrested,” Miller said. “There were students who were taken out of classrooms, so the police could ask them questions to try and get more information. But we haven’t had any students who have been arrested or detained.

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