Red Bluff High School Superintendent tours facility upgrades – Red Bluff Daily News

RED BLUFF – Red Bluff Union School District Superintendent Todd Brose on Saturday outlined improvements to Measure J school obligations at his campus following a free community breakfast at the Spartans Cafe.

Brose gave a presentation explaining how the updates happened. In 2016, the community voted with a narrow margin to adopt Measure J to provide $ 26 million to renovate, repair and build facilities at the high school.

Some of the new facilities built included the construction of a science classroom, cafeteria and kitchen, and the renovation of the old cafeteria into a new agricultural and commercial building.

The new workshop at Red Bluff High School. (George Johnston / Daily News)

During the changes tour, Brose took the time to highlight the new farm and commercial building. In addition to adding more classrooms, the farm building has a greenhouse and storage freezer from the old cafeteria.

The floor of the new workshop is the same as that of the old cafeteria, just dismantled and polished. The workshop has a brand new classroom, welding machines, a plasma cutter and a CNC machine, which cost $ 75,000.

“It’s not just about soldering anymore,” said Brose. “These are high tech stuff.”

He added that the workshop is the most popular class in the school.

The tour took time to show the new football, soccer and field hockey field, stadium lighting, new gymnasium and its seats, modernized classrooms and renovated walkways, compliant with the Law on Americans with disabilities.

Principal Rich Hassey said it wasn’t the same Red Bluff High School from 40 or 50 years ago. He invited the community to visit him when and if they had the opportunity.

“We are proud of this facility, and it belongs to all of us,” said Hassey.

Board chair Kathy Brandt said the two things she’s got are the new cafeteria and the science building.

“We sat down and tried to figure out how best to have the best facilities here at Red Bluff High School,” Brandt said. “I’ve seen them come to fruition from a blank sheet of paper right now here, and they are beautiful. And I think our school will be one of the best in the Northern State with our facilities. “

For the future, the school plans to add shade and seating near the cafeteria. Another objective is to remove the old agricultural building and replace it with a new front office, which will be near the student parking lot. The existing front office will be transformed into new classrooms. This change will result in an overhaul of the bus drop-off and pick-up area.

The other improvements identified in the master plan are expected to be completed in three years.

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