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Longtime insurance advisor Cam Bailey is remembered by the industry.

Tuesday January 22, 2019, 6 a.m.

Bailey died of a brief illness at the age of 73.

He was a director of Mainstay, which he had headed since 2009. Prior to that, he headed Bailey Financial Solutions, which he launched in 1967.

Craig Winterburn, managing director of retail sales and key partnerships at Fidelity Life, said in a statement to advisers that Bailey was one of the first advisers to settle in Christchurch and had worked with Fidelity since the early 1980s. .

“Over the years, Cam has earned its place as an institution in our industry. He has become a highly regarded commercial insurance specialist and a renowned speaker on all matters relating to insurance.

Bailey was known as an authority on inheritance and shareholder issues faced by small business owners.

He was a member of the Liberty Advisers network.

Brian Klee obituary on Cam

Cam Bailey – 1945-2019
It is with sadness that I learn of Cam’s passing this week. In 1972, it was Cam who encouraged me to make a career change when he was Regional Sales Manager for Amev Life. He led an exciting team of us here in Wellington and it was fun times during those early years.

He had a big influence on my survival, impressing me that knowledge of the industry and the products was key. Being a big supporter, he immediately insisted that I become a member of the Life Underwriters Association (LUA) and strive to become a member of MDRT.

Even though I couldn’t afford it at the time, he insisted that I become one of the sponsors to fund the visit from the United States of one of the current MDRT icons, Marshall Wopler. This seminar and the fact of associating myself with many of the best advisers of the time convinced me even more that I should become a member of MDRT.

Cam left Amev shortly after that and moved much later to Christchurch, but we continued our professional relationship through our involvement with LUA and our mutual passion for greater technical knowledge. He always strived to be the best he could be in this business and was respected for his knowledge of commercial insurance.

RIP, Cameron D

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