Philly School District plans more half-days for children

She and her husband both work full time and were unprepared for a sudden change in their child’s schedule. Roberts heard about the proposal via social media and says that while she supports devoting more time to teachers, she doesn’t understand why parents are just asking about the possible change.

“I don’t have a problem with the actual schedule change,” said Roberts. “I have a major problem with the way this was handled and how everyone was informed. The lack of transparency and the lack of planning amazes me.

Sonia Rosen, a former teacher and mother of three, also sees the benefits of giving teachers more time for professional development.

“In principle, the idea of ​​creating a dedicated area for teachers during their contract time to think deeply about the program, potentially collaborate with each other and do a lot of prep work… is a really good idea,” Rosen said. .

But to propose this change of schedule after the start of the school year, “without really doing anything to fill this time for the parents. [who have] already put aside their childcare arrangements, is actually not a great way to go about it, ”she said.

Rosen, who has a child at Beeber Middle School, fears the district is pitting teachers and parents against each other. She also wonders if teachers will have the freedom to effectively use their extra time or find themselves stuck in professional development sessions that are not always relevant or useful.

District officials did not respond to a request for further explanation in time for publication.

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