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Principal Rudy Ramirez

A number of parents and supporters have sent letters to the school board and superintendent in support of a principal caught on camera speaking out against the school’s white neighbors after a caretaker was briefly detained by local police investigating on reports of a possible burglar on the San Rafael Elementary School campus. August 14.

School principal Rudy Ramirez made controversial comments after arriving on campus on Sunday. The remarks were captured in video from a security guard.

The incident began after a local caller said he saw someone climbing the fence while carrying a backpack. Upon arriving, police encountered the guard who handcuffed him for 6½ minutes after pointing non-lethal weapons at him.

Police called school principal Ramirez to confirm the janitor’s identity and that he was believed to be on campus.

“That’s bullshit, they shouldn’t be handcuffing any of my janitors,” he said. ‘I bet if he was white he wouldn’t have been treated like this…damn those nosy white neighbors, how about when it was white kids hopping the fence vandalizing [sic] classrooms and drawing dicks on the walls and leaving cans of beer on the roof, no one calls.

The tirade has led some to claim Ramirez’s job. On Saturday, fans gathered at a local park in support of Ramirez.

“A large majority of us parents support Principal Ramirez,” Brad Williams said. “We have sent letters to city and district leaders as well as the school board. He fought tirelessly for San Rafael Elementary School. His passion for our school, our students and our teachers is unparalleled. Principal Ramirez makes amends and, like everyone else, wants to make sure that what happened to our keeper doesn’t happen again. This is wrong, the focus has shifted from what happened to our head guard to principal Ramirez. There was very little discussion about why our keeper was knocked to the ground with pointed weapons. Shifting the focus to Principal Ramirez does more damage to our community. What we need now is our municipal leaders to help us move forward and make sure this never happens again.

Support couldn’t come at a better time for Ramirez.

The school board is due to meet on Thursday and an article has some people worried that Ramirez’s job is on the line.

The in camera item is titled “Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release Title: Principal. »

“We are new San Rafael Elementary parents who chose the school because of Principal Rudy Ramirez,” Sahar Uriarte said. “We don’t condone all of his language, but we share his sentiment regarding the unreasonable use of force on a uniformed school employee. It infuriates us that Principal Ramirez is being used as a scapegoat to distract from the real problem. Principal Ramirez is NOT the problem. If he is removed or transferred to another school, we will lose all faith in the school board and the PUSD and consider leaving the district for a private school. Many others will too.

The school board does not hire or fire principals. Thursday’s article is an update from Superintendent Brian McDonald on the action he plans to take in the matter.

“The video is hard to watch,” said school board member Michelle Richardson Bailey. “The police are our partner in keeping schools safe. We always ask people if you see something, say something.

Local residents said they supported Ramirez despite the language used in the video.

“My family, along with many other SRE families, support Principal Ramirez,” Nerea Marteache said. “I am very concerned that the narrative of the incident is evolving into how Principal Ramirez responded to the aftermath of a 911 call that endangered the safety of one of his employees.”

“The veracity of this call has not been established, and the individual who allegedly jumped the fence has never been found. I can only imagine how Principal Ramirez felt when he received that phone call, what images went through his mind as he drove to take care of his employee, the context in which his words were made should not be ignored.

When the police asked the janitor why he jumped the fence, the janitor explained that he had the keys to the building and did not need to jump the fence.

“I was asked to reach out with some thoughts in support of Principal Ramirez in relation to a story you could work on,” said a parent who did not wish to be identified.

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