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Substitute teachers play an important role in the smooth running of our schools.

They intervene, sometimes at the last minute, to take charge of a class when a teacher becomes ill or cannot make it to work.

As if the transition from compulsory online education from the coronavirus pandemic to classroom learning – with its academic, logistical and emotional challenges – weren’t difficult enough, Marin schools face a shortage of teachers. substitutes.

Local districts are increasing wages and granting waivers from state exams to help fill the shortage. The state is also changing its rules, waiving the 180-day waiting period required before a retired teacher can return to classrooms as a replacement.

Marci Trahan, superintendent of the Ross Valley School District, estimates that there are about half the number of replacements available today than there were before the pandemic and the suspension of classes on campus.

The Marin County office of education is working to address the shortage, including offering monthly training to those interested. The next session is November 9th.

Providing these sessions and raising awareness of the need should help encourage local residents to consider replacing, as part of their journey to become full-time teachers, former teachers or other retired professionals seeking employment. opportunities to contribute to the education of our young people.

The salary, ranging from $ 150 to $ 200 per day, is quite modest. But the problem is, there aren’t enough willing, ready, and capable adults – and it takes all three – to work as substitutes.

In some cases, substitutes who filled the ranks before the pandemic may be reluctant to return to classrooms due to health concerns. In other situations, the local labor market is so hungry for workers that they may not need to replace them.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that local schools can help raise awareness in the community about the shortage, recruit people interested in these jobs, and meet this important need.

“The good news is that we are doing something,” says Mary Jane Burke, the county school superintendent.

This is good news.

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