New England Patriots Postgame Quotes 12/6


Post-match press conference
Sunday 6 December 2020

“I’m really proud of our football team today. Coming across the country the guys have been really working hard. We had a good week of preparation, we really invested a lot in it. As always, we had a lot of leadership from our captains but a lot of our veteran players. Some of our young players also really improved their level of preparation. It was nice to see it all come together today. I thought we did. had a game where all three units contributed. It was a complementary game. We played in attack, defense and special teams. We played at a good level for 60 minutes and had more consistency than we did. probably had them in most other games. Really proud of the way the team competed. The Chargers have a lot of good players. We saw what [DE Joey] Bosa and these guys did it in Buffalo last week. We had some big plays in the kicking game. These players have been working really hard on this all year so it’s gratifying to see these positive results come out. Offensively, this is a very, very talented group of players – the tight ends, the full backs, the quarterback and, of course, the receivers. Our guys really stepped up and went head to head against them. It’s good to have a solid win here today. Obviously we need to turn the page quickly and get ready for another very good football team here, a very talented team here with the Rams, [Head] Coach [Sean] McVay and his team. We had a great victory for our team with a bit of a heavy heart for Tracy’s [Sormanti] family. Sorry to hear of his passing. She has been with us, the Patriots, and has given us a lot of support. All the time I have spent here, even since 1996, they have always been there to help us and support the stadium. On behalf of the team, we extend our condolences to her and her family. We can’t wait to turn the page on this one and start here. It’s good to be able to go back to UCLA. [UCLA Head] Coach [Chip] Kelly and the staff at UCLA, they are awesome. Their accommodation and willingness to help us with all of our needs, especially in these difficult times, Chip [Kelly] and its staff, and the facilities available to them, are wonderful. The accommodations they have made for us are great. We look forward to having a productive week here and getting ready for Thursday night. “

On the defensive unit that gathers throughout the season:

“I think our whole team has improved pretty much every week. We’re just doing things better than we’ve done before. There’s still a lot of room for improvement. I’m not saying we’re there. We’re still or whatever, but we’re just doing things better. Our anticipation is better. Our reactions are faster and better. This is true in all phases of the game. Certainly true in defense. But, it has been. the case all around. Our fundamentals, our execution, our ability to make adjustments and add new things that we think might help us for a particular game or situation. We just have to keep working, keep on working. trying to improve ourselves day by day. Everything is not going to happen at the same time – not everything has happened at the same time – but I think with our work ethic and our attitude and our willingness to try to to improve, we have We were able to do a better job of coaching and playing and playing complementary football and just doing things better, individually and collectively as a team. can continue to do so. “

Of the three phases gathered today:

“Well, it’s similar to what happened last week. We had some explosive plays in the kicking game last week and we had them this week. We had some big games offensively and defensively. play free football. This is still our goal. This is always how we try to prepare to play every week. It doesn’t always work like it has over the last couple of weeks, where we are scoring in special teams or grooming big as the field position changes, but it’s always nice when it does. I’m just proud of the way our guys worked hard and how these little things turn into big things and turn into big games. Like I said, the leadership that we got from each of the respective sides of the ball has been very important, and that constant and diligent attempt and effort to improve steadily throughout the season. “

On the performance of wide receiver Gunner Olszewski:

“Happy for Gunner. But you know he got a lot of help on those games as well. He did a good job finishing the runs and missing some guys. But, you know, if we can just start these comebacks. [DB] Justin [Bethel], [DB Jonathan Jones], [WR Matthew] Roofer, [DB] Cody [Davis], these guys did a good job getting him started and he did a good job finishing the parts. So yes, happy for him. His career is not the classic route of an NFL career, given where he came from. But yes, happy with the success they have had. Gunner worked extremely hard and overcame a lot. He’s not a big guy, but he has a big heart and he plays hard. “

Have the opportunity to gain gaming experience for young players today:

“Well, it’s good to play against people who don’t play a lot. It’s good, but I don’t know if it’s that valuable, but it’s good to be able to do it.”

On if the team is playing their best football right now:

“We’ll see. Each week is its own week in the NFL. We’ll see where we are on Thursday. I thought we did some good things today, but next week is a good week. The Rams are a great team. They’re well coached and they have a lot of great players. They’re very difficult to play against, we all know that. It’s time for us to turn the page and start all over again, to have three-and-a-half or four nice days of preparation and come back here and compete Thursday night. “

On his assessment of the effort deployed by his special team units:

” I will start with [Special Teams Coordinator] Cam [Achord] and [Special Teams Assistant] Joe Houston. These guys are working really hard. Obviously with Joe Judge and Scott O’Brien we’ve been very lucky to have a great coach here in the kicking game. Cam learned from Joe and worked hard to learn, while working on a lot on his own. Nobody works more than Cam. Cam is very well prepared and is a great teacher. He did a good job for us. We’ve been close to some games at other times during the season that ended up being just foul balls, but this week and last week we’ve had some explosive games that have impacted the game. game. Of course, I’m happy to see them touched. Like I said, it’s the whole unit. Matthew Slater gives us the leadership in this group. Then, with Justin [Bethel] and Cody [Davis], these three guys in particular are really essential to everything we do. We have other guys – [KJ Nick [Folk] had big games for us and [PJ Jake [Bailey] did a good job. [LS] Joe [Cardona] continues to fire strikes there and has been solid in protection. If you go right down the line, we have a lot of young people contributing. Of course, the returns – Gunner [Olszewski] and [WR Donte] Moncrief – these guys also stepped up. It’s a good grassroots group. It’s nice to see all of their hard work, extra film studies, and extra time in training – they’ll stick around after practice and work on blocking kicks and stuff like that. “

If he was looking for an advantage in the special teams stage this week in preparation for this game and moving Hall of Fame coach Tom Landry to the all-time coaching roster:

“We try to have the advantage every week on the special teams. We always want to try to have the advantage against everyone we play with. That’s our goal every week. All of these teams are good. They are all well prepared. I hope you can find a way and have the opportunity to do something that will have a real impact on the game and make a difference. You never expect it, but you are still working towards this goal . Like I said, it’s good when that happens. I have a ton of respect for all the coaches I’ve been compared to over the years. Certainly Coach Landry is one of the most all time greats. I have so much admiration for him and [George] Halas and [Curly] Lambeau and all along the line. These guys created the game and taught us the game, either on their own or through their followers. Honestly, no one really cares now. It’s two-thirds of the way into the 2020 season and my goal is just to try and do my best to help our team win today and then prepare to take on the Rams. The rest, anyway, is. The only reason I won a lot of games is because I coached a lot of good players. The players win games and I have been fortunate enough to coach a lot of great players over the years. The reason we won today is that our players made a lot of big plays for us to win. I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to coach exceptional players. They made them good teams. “

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