‘MysteryVibe’ is a same day delivery service for vibrators – Videos

This woman started a same-day vibrator delivery service, just in time for Valentine’s Day. MysteryVibe co-creator Stephanie Alys launched a pilot program in New York City to deliver crescendo vibrators, the world’s first body-adaptable smart vibrator on demand.

“In New York, you could have pretty much everything delivered on the same day, except pleasure. Pleasure is the last frontier for same day delivery, ”said Alys. “Now you can treat yourself the same day you order it. “

As stated on the MysteryVibe website, “What if we could harness the deepest knowledge, the brightest talents, and cutting edge technology to design something truly special? What if we could create something the one adapted to the user, his moods, his desires and his feelings? What if we could build the full experience of fun? So we decided to do just that.

There is nothing more stimulating than knowing your own body, exploring your body and understanding what your body needs. Alys explained. “You can be curious, do more, grow and become more sexually positive as a woman. “

She hopes women will use it as a tool to embrace their sexuality.

A recent recipient explained, “Now it is becoming more and more accessible, and easier or acceptable for women to go out and be able to have fun. “

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