Middletown parents demand school administrators restore recess

MIDDLETOWN, Connecticut (WTNH) – Parents gathered outside the school administration building in Middletown on Wednesday for what they are calling a “back to school” protest.

“Restore recess. My kids are not test results. Our children are not test results, ”protesters said.

These parents are not happy that this year, instead of a single 25-minute break, students now have two 10-minute breaks.

“What this means is that Teacher A’s class at some point for his 10-minute recess break will have access to the play space, while Teacher B who is out at the same time will have access to recreational equipment, and they will not be mixing cohorts at this point, ”said Middletown Schools’ communications director, Jessie Lavorgna.

“I just don’t think that gives our kids enough time to be able to be outside and have that full social time, that break time so… their brains are rested so they can go back and focus in class,” said Amy Webster, a parent from the district.

The school department has created a crowdsourcing platform where parents can make their own suggestions about recess, such as having a 25-minute recess, where one day a cohort is only on the playground and the next day it is. is only on the playing field so those cohorts don’t combine.

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