Lumines Remastered will transform your Switch JoyCons into trance vibrators •


Lumines, Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s brilliant music-infused puzzle game, is coming to Nintendo Switch this spring – and it will include the ability to turn your JoyCons into trance vibrators.

It appears to be a remastered version of the original PSP, first released in 2004 by Q Entertainment, the Mizuguchi studio founded in 2003. The former Sega producer has since had a varied career, leaving Q Entertainment in 2012 and taking on the role of professor before returning to games in 2015 with his new company Enhance Games and, in 2016, releasing Rez Infinite on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

Enhance Games is behind Lumines Remastered, and the new game seeks to recreate the PSP original on new hardware. That means improved visuals, of course, but on Switch it also means the resurrection of one of Mizuguchi’s most notorious innovations – the trance vibrator, which debuted alongside the PlayStation 2 version of Rez. By turning on Trance Vibration, you can sync a number of JoyCons and place them around your body so you can feel the music, if that’s your type of thing.

Lumines Remastered arrives in May, with versions also slated for PlayStation 4, Steam, and Xbox One alongside the Switch version.


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