LINKS Adele welcomes SNL, Melania’s double returns, Best Vibrators 2020 …

DISCLOSEDIt was always going to be weird to see Adele host SNL without actually singing (SHE was the musical guest this week). Everyone and their mom thought it would be Adele’s revelation of her super secret new album, or at least a single. But she acknowledged the gossip by saying that the album “isn’t finished,” and then ended up singing during a skit anyway.

CELEBITCHI have lost track of how many times a woman who only superficially resembles Melania Trump has appeared in public alongside the current US president. But it’s happened quite often that there’s a large and growing group of people who think the White House employs regular liners to masquerade as Melania, and it happened again a few days ago.

JEZEBELThe headline says it all: “Let’s hear it for the best vibrators to boost your days at home”

THE BREATHFormer basketball brides star Draya Michele shows off her custom Victoria’s Secret Halloween costume and body at the same time

REALITY TEAFormer The Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kim Zolciak-Biermann says now that her daughter Ariana is 18 and has “her own love of makeup”, the family’s glamorous budget is at least “a few thousand dollars a day”, not including child care. -dress

VOXSpeaking of posture: At least five people who work for the vice president have tested positive for COVID-19. And the vice president was directly exposed to these people. The White House’s response? Send him back on the election campaign for maskless rallies

ASHLEY’S REALITY REMINDERStrong tea infusion: “8 behind-the-scenes secrets we learned from the recent Laguna beach Cast Reunion ”

LAINEY GOSSIP“Finally, 2020 has done something right and has given us another season of a great show. Miracle workers is a vastly underrated comedy series starring Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi, Geraldine Viswanathan, Karan Soni and Lolly Adefope. The first season is about a group of angels trying to save Earth from a selfless god, and the second season is set in the Dark Ages. The latest iteration of the show will take place in the Old West, with the cast making their way along the Oregon Trail – here are the ‘you died of dysentery’ jokes.

THE GOSSIP OF HOLLYWOODAmber Rose is speaking out against her ex Kanye West again, following Kanye’s recent media scuffles with Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. According to Amber, Kanye recently called her a “prostitute” and bullied her whenever he got the chance for a decade.

GO SMOKEToday’s super fun GFY comeback gallery: “Holy Cow, the 1993 premiere of True romance It was A RIDE! “

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