Ky. students get pepper sprayed in hands-on work

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Fayette County students at the Eastside Technical Center were hit with pepper spray Wednesday morning, but don’t worry, they signed up.

It may sound crazy, but it was part of a law enforcement school assignment.

“So we’re pepper spraying them as a final exercise for them to overcome the pain and the significant obstacles thrown at them, to still accomplish the mission, in this case, subdue a resistant subject,” said Lisa Rudzinski, an administrative officer. dean of the Eastside Technical Center.

In this case, the person sprayed is a policeman. This exercise is called Project Baselining.

“You’re there taking pepper spray that you know is going to hurt, be uncomfortable. You see it but you will do it anyway. It shows an inner toughness that not everyone has,” Rudzinski said.

Rudzinski is a former Kentucky State Police trooper. During those 22 years teaching cadets, she found a new career teaching in a public school and focusing on what she knows best: law enforcement.

“I had to adapt more than the students,” Rudzinski said.

These students also adapted, overcoming this adversity, with a life lesson.

It was one hell of a final exam, and these students will never forget.

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