Kevin Garay Excited About Opportunity To Better Serve Others As New KCS Superintendent | Education

“People are at the heart of this. People are at the epicenter of this, ”Garay said. “Recruit and retain good people, people who are good at all of these (things), people who are good for the culture, good for the core and who support students and intervene with students as needed and know how to find different ways to help students become successful. “

Dr Buckwell spent a lot of time with Mr Garay before taking up his post on July 1 and left him one final piece of advice in an interview he gave to the Independent Tribune on his last day, the June 30th.

“Be yourself,” Dr. Buckwell would say to Mr. Garay. “Look at the people who work with you to help you make good decisions, because you can’t make them yourself. “

Mr. Garay was certainly thinking about it when he spoke to the Independent Tribune on Tuesday.

“If you are constantly turning people around all the time, it’s hard to get the culture to where the culture needs to be,” he said. “It all starts with people, it starts with culture, not just in our schools but in our neighborhood. And again, at the epicenter of this culture are people and their stability and the ability to keep good people. The way we keep the right people is a good culture and we make sure that there is trust and respect in the community, that employees are supported, that there is transparency, that employees are celebrated and recognized.

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