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Karen Klamut has been tapped to fill the position of Deputy Superintendent of Marshall County Schools, beginning in July.

The role of Deputy Superintendent of Marshall County Schools will be taken over by longtime administrator Karen Klamut beginning this summer.

Klamut has worked in the school district for over 25 years in a variety of roles, teaching both general and special education, serving as Principal of Central Elementary School for 10 years before being promoted to Central Office as administrator.

She served as the county’s Director of Student Services for the past eight years.

Klamut will take over from program director and assistant superintendent Woody Yoder, who is retiring June 30. Klamut said the county office staff is a tight-knit team and his current goals for the role are to continue to pursue the same the faculty have set for themselves.

“As a team here at the Marshall County Schools office, we all work together, and of course there are big shoes to fill with Mr. Yoder leaving, but he’s retiring, and that’s so an opportunity for us to continue with the goals we have everything ready,” Klamut said.

Yoder’s personality, she said, is more laid back than hers, and Klamut said she hopes to settle into a calmer role as an administrator.

“I watch him frequently as he goes through different situations and often think, ‘I need to be like this. A little calmer, in this (role), can go a long way,” Klamut said. “It is a pleasure to continue my career after 25 years, and I am delighted with this new opportunity.”

One thing that Klamut said she’s particularly proud of in her tenure at Marshall County Schools is the strong network of colleagues and supporters she’s built.

“I’ve been lucky, in every position I’ve had, from being manager of Central to coming here, I think it’s worth noting that I’ve surrounded myself – or they’ve around me – great people, and it makes your job so much easier as a leader or administrator,” she added.

“These people you have around you willing to try what needs to be tried or do the necessary things for students. I have been blessed every step of the way to have been surrounded by the wonderful people I work with.

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