How to get the Patriots back to the playoffs?

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I think besides QB the biggest problem the Pats face is rebuilding the defense. Now our DBs are doing great, but could take a hit if Gilmore is traded or if JC Jackson leaves via the tender. But the big problem is our DL. We need at least 2 and maybe 3 big big (as BB calls them) to make two spreads and allow LBs to play. They also need to be able to push the pocket and create pressure in the middle, allowing edge rushers like Uche and Winovich to get home. In your opinion, is it better to move them to the draft or to the FA? I know AMs will be more expensive, but at least you know what you got. A rookie is a shit shoot, even a pick in the first 4 rounds.

Jump in here while Bob touches a lot of what I wrote here. Bring Guy back and give him some help, who might even be on Beau Allen’s list already. I know it was disappointing that he missed his entire season, but he’s the kind of tough lineman we’re talking about. If he’s recovered, you’re not that far with Guy, Allen, and Cowart. Of course, that’s a lot of ifs. There are some big boys in the draft, hello Tyler Shelvin from LSU, so this is a good place to solidify the inside depth.

Second question, if High comes back I think it will really solidify the LB corp. High and Bentley in the middle and Uche and Winovich, but I could see at least 1 or 2 other guys here too. Again, FA or draft pick?

Yeah, don’t stop there, Bob. It’s always going to be a match-up defense that needs a few pieces, with guys like Shilique Calhoun and John Simon both being free agents as well. The development of Winovich, Uche and Jennings is essential, I would continue to supplement them with draft picks. Looks like the team is always taking free agent flyers on guys like Calhoun on yearlong deals. He could come back for a similar rotational role or they could add someone in the same price bracket.

Last question – coming back to JC, if the Pats gave him a 1st round offer, would you take the choice or match the offer? That would certainly mean Gilmore should be kept.

Thank you and I love these Q&A, you are doing a great job.Bob Michaud

Thanks, Bob. Like I said earlier, I think Jackson and Gilmore are two of their best assets with movement potential and I could see the argument that both chips should be cashed now. I’d label Jackson with a prime, but still be willing to trade him in for a two-day pick, Gilmore could probably get a similar price.

The Patriots’ best path to the playoffs is the draft. Some key veterans pieces need to be kept, but the youth movement is expected to continue into 2021. The more high draft picks they can acquire, the better. But they have to hit some of them out of the park and quickly. –Mike Dussault

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