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LEAVING THE POSITION — Dana Snider reflected on her career in education at Thursday’s Harrison Hills City School District meeting, her last as superintendent before her retirement takes effect. –JD Long

CADIZ — Harrison Hills City School District Superintendent Dana Snider’s monthly report turned into a farewell as the July 28 board meeting was her last.

And after 30 years in the service of education, starting with a stint in Toronto, cakes, cookies and a certain emotional goodwill spread throughout his sister, Susan Cornish, who brought balloons to the stage , flowers and a card, then talked about all her sister. has given over the years.

“It was partly frustration and a lot of luck,” she says of Dana getting into college work.

She returned to college and began teaching in college and completed her final 13 years at Harrison Hills with the final nine as superintendent after serving as an assistant.

“I couldn’t be more excited for the next chapter of your life,” Cornish told his sister.

She said her parents would be very proud, then she got a little emotional as she talked about all her sister had accomplished while noting the building where the meeting was being held.

“All that she has done for the school and the district and marrying that upbringing and building, I know, meant a lot to her,” says Cornwall. “And I know that means a lot to them. We are so proud of you.

Board Chairman DJ Watson thanked Snider’s family for attending and said it was a special night for the school board. He said it was a chance to celebrate all she had accomplished in the service of HHCSD.

“I think I’ve said it a few times over the past two weeks to sit down and take a look at the legacy…” Watson told the council. “I’ve told her once or twice that she has something to be proud of, and as her sister mentioned, we’re certainly proud of her too.”

Finally, Dana Snider talked about the trip and the school tax that passed, which paved the way for the construction of the new school.

“I was so caught up in the difficulties of building this thing,” she says.

Snider talked about the connection she felt with everyone and the teamwork it took to make it happen.

“We came together as a team with the board and everyone else to make this facility look the way it does,” she says. “I don’t come here a day without being impressed. It’s beautiful and I’m just proud to have played a small part in how it turned out here.

She went on to say how proud she was of the students and how respectful they were and the pride surrounding the school. She also talked about events held at the school like this year’s play and the pride and quality that comes with something like that. She said she was happy to turn 65, travel and bother her grandchildren more, which made a few board members laugh, and “Dragging my husband to places he really won’t want to go” which made her laugh harder.

Other board members wished her well and congratulated her on her service, where emotions kicked in as she told Treasurer Roxane Harding how good she was at her job and to be there for her.

“There is life after work” she says of the friends she has made and the friends she will have all her life.

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