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I am pleased to report that I have fully integrated my role as Superintendent. I also moved to town and you could see me with my English Setter pupcake, Daisy!

Superintendent Margaret Banker and Bruiser.

I will be spending most of the summer learning about the functions of the district office, planning the start of the school year, and familiarizing myself with the field. I have a 100 day entry plan to help with my transition.

My entry-level work is designed to accelerate my leadership effectiveness by:

● Build trust with all stakeholders

● Understand the strengths and areas of growth in the Cambridge School District to amplify and accelerate the achievement of priorities identified by the Board of Education.

● Build on the momentum and honor the people and work already in progress

● Develop and maintain an effective relationship with the school board

I will achieve these goals using the “Listen, Learn and Lead” approach.

Listen: I will listen to all stakeholders to develop a deeper understanding of our district, especially with regard to the goals outlined above.

Learn: I will learn about the stakeholder’s aspirations for our students and the educational future we want to build together. I will engage in an authentic dialogue that will foster an honest, open and respectful conversation about the direction in which our school district is moving forward. I will synthesize the multiple perspectives I hear about the strengths, challenges and opportunities we face.

Lead: After the first two steps of this approach, the learning gleaned from this process will be used to influence an action plan.

My leadership values ​​are:

  • Student-centered growth mindset in all actions and decision-making
  • Interrupting disparities in access to high quality public education and subsequent outcomes
  • Build trust and support by building positive relationships and open communication with all stakeholders
  • Set high expectations for all students, teachers and staff
  • Leading with ethics, character and moral integrity
  • Support the administration and teachers to ensure their success
  • Be accountable to stakeholders with frequent and transparent communication
  • Aim for continuous improvement
  • Have fun with work!

I would love to meet with students, families or community members individually or in a small group to get your ideas and thoughts on CSD! Please feel free to contact me or contact Mary Kay Raether to schedule a time to get together. There will be more formal meetings announced in August.

I am truly honored to have the opportunity to be the next superintendent of such a thriving school district and community. I can’t wait to meet you all!

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