Gwyneth Paltrow talks to her mom about Ben Affleck, vibrators, and more on Goop Podcast

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April 26, 2018 23:32

Gwyneth Paltrow comes from a family of talented actresses.

The daughter of Emmy Award-winning and Tony Award-winning actress Blythe Danner and director Bruce Paltrow invited her mother to participate in the latest edition of the goop podcast.

Paltrow, 45, and Danner, 75, spoke about the former’s rebellious youth and how Danner worked with Ben Affleck’s father years before Paltrow or Affleck was born.

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The mother-daughter duo shared how Danner tried to influence Gwyneth to conform more to a real young girl, which didn’t work at all.

After college, Danner got his big acting break with a theater company in Fishkill, New York, and starred in Glass factory. She then ended up in a Boston theater where Dustin Hoffman was performing. Ben Affleck’s father, Jimmy, was the manager and the two developed a good friendship.

Decades later, Paltrow and Affleck were romantically involved from 1997-2000 and even starred in the romantic drama “Bounce”.

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And speaking of relationships, Paltrow asked her mother if the 75-year-old actress was interested in returning to the dating game. “Do you want a boyfriend?” Paltrow asked.

“No. I have no interest. Really not. If I was heartbroken, I would probably jump off the railing,” Danner replied. “And I don’t want to be bored, so this is one. or the other. “

Paltrow’s solution? “I can also go to and get you a vibrator.” Danner replied: “Thank you very much, but no thank you.”

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