Gunshots; The local school partners with the health center for a vaccination clinic

SAUQUOIT, NY – Hundreds of people lined up to get vaccinated at Sauquoit Valley Elementary School on Wednesday.

“I think that makes it accessible. What it might do later is give people the option if they choose to be vaccinated,” Sauquoit Superintendent Ron Wheelock said.

This vaccination capsule follows a theme that Upstate Family Health Center, the company that created it, has followed since the start of vaccine deployment; It is without appointment and without appointment. Rich Williams, director of nursing at the health center, said giving people a choice of when to get vaccinated is huge.

“Part of our goal is to make sure people have access to the vaccine. Transparent access. Barrier-free as we like to call it. They don’t have to go online and fill out a long form or s. ‘sign up ahead, they can just show you off,’ Williams said.

All age groups eligible to receive a vaccine could be vaccinated today. From these:

– Children from 5 to 11 years old

– Adults 18 years and over for a reminder

– Anyone who is missing a vaccine in their vaccination series.

Wheelock added that the school system will want to start over and that people who received their first injections on Wednesday will be eligible for their second dose earlier in the new year.

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