Gun was fired on college campus when police confronted intruder, district says

Clayton County Public Schools said someone fired a gun on a college campus when police confronted an intruder.

A school district spokesperson said the shooting happened after hours on the evening of March 15 at Forest Park Middle School. The suspect was not a Clayton County student, the district said.

Officials said Clayton County Public Schools officers attended the school after alarms alerted them that someone had broken in. The police arrested a person who was hiding in an administrative office.

The district said a gun was fired on campus but provided no details of injuries or who fired.

“As it is the school system‘s ongoing priority to ensure the safety of all students and employees, we are pleased to report that this incident had no impact on the core business of our school system, which is teaching and learning,” a statement said. of the school district said. “We commend CCPSPD officers for responding quickly and controlling the situation and are grateful for their safety.”

The incident is still under investigation.

This story is developing. Check back for more details. If you have additional information, photos or video email [email protected].


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