Graduation Ceremony 2021: List of graduates from Paul V. Moore High School in Central Square; meet 2 best students

It’s graduation time.

The 2021 high school students have experienced a lot of things: distance learning; being forced to wear masks; shorten or cancel sports seasons, musicals and concerts; and a lot of uncertainty. They had to distance themselves from their friends and teachers for months.

Even through it all, they did what was necessary to make it to the end of the school year.

To celebrate the 2021 class, we’re posting graduate lists from over 60 schools in central New York City.

We will point out who is the promotion major and the salutatorian (or in some cases alternates) and give them the opportunity to share some thoughts on school, the pandemic, family and life. The major of promotion and the salutatorian of this school are below the list of graduates.

The Post-Standard will be releasing a high school graduation souvenir section on Sunday, June 28. If you wish, you can place a congratulations announcement for a graduate you would like to honor in category. The section will include lists of 2021 graduates from Onondaga County schools, Q&A with each school’s promotion major and Salvatorian, and more. Companies also have the option of advertising in the diploma section. You can reach us at this E-mail and we will get back to you.


The senior graduation ceremony for Paul V. Moore High School in Central Square is scheduled for Friday, June 25, 2021, at the high school stadium. Due to Covid restrictions, ceremonies will take place at different times of the day.

Candidates for graduation

Christian abold

Gina Accordino

Katelyn Allen

Angelina Ammann

Jenna aragona

Madison Babcock

Alyssa Bardoun

Kaileigh barker

Brianna Basil

Quentin Baughman

Vincent belden

Richard benson

Hannah boettcher

Nathan Boughton

Samantha bronson

Madison Brown

Nicole Brun

Joshua Move

Haylee caputo

Laura Carroll

Lauren Carter

Nathan Chapman

Daniel Cieslik

Jonathan clarke

Nicole clasen

Emilie College

Alexandre congdon

Joseph cook

Adam cooney

James corey

Emilie Costello

Katlyn Côté ‘

Shianne Croniser

Curry Bradley

Ethan Davis

Madison Davis

Abigail Day

Justin Dearstine Jr.

Camerin deaver

Kaylee DeCheck

Tyler dence

Catherine DePasquale

Avryel dingle

Alyssa doane

Donovan Dwyer

Maggie Ellis

Trisha ellis

Emilie Emmon

Evan emond

Liam Eveleigh

Joseph everett

Jeanne Fencil

Michael floyd

Alexandre foster

John Fralix Jr.

Trevor Francisco

Jeremy fuller

Maria Garcia

Dayton gardner

Rianna Garlic

Jennifer gasser

Karlee gearsbeck

Frank george

Georges maddox

Emilie Gilmore

Jeffrey Gingrow

Braden Godici

Montana goodnow

Madison Goppelt

Zacharie Guarasce

Angela Gugino

Marianne Haberer

Zacharie Halliday

Keirstyn Hamacher

Amelia Hann

Stephanie harrington

Ryan hart

Kirstyn hastings

Jacob Hatem

Hannah havens

Emma Helms

Gavin Hemphill

Emma Hermann

Morgan herzog

Maxwell Hill

Alyssa himes

Guillaume Hite

John Hogan Jr.

Jasmine Hohm

Jacob Horning

Jillian howe

Morgan hoyt

Trevor Humez

Camryn Humphrey

Through hunting

Gillian hurley

Jenna hyndman

Cailyn Ingerick

Ian jackson

Corbin Jeroloman

I hope Johnson

Nicolas karl

Hailey Kaschel

Richard Kaschel

Morgan keenan

Cora Keohane

Kevin Kershner

Elizabeth kincaid

Jordyn kisselstein

Logan klein

Robert Koagel III

Caylee kringer

Kaitlynn Labonoski

Elena LaBuz

Richard ladd

Arianna Laux

Connor LaVigne

Madyson Lawton

Taryn leach

Madison Lee

Connor leiser

Veronica logsdon

Lisa Lokay

Nicolas loughnot

Jacob Lovenguth

Michel lucas

Emilie Lyboult

Makaela maciariello

Aries Manaseri

Julia mann

Cali Manning

Hannah mantor

Hansen mateo

Zechariah Mayo

Ryan mcafee

Julia mccauley

Ryan mcritchie

Collin merkel

Georges merrill

Sarah metzger

Emma Meyer

Ethan Meyers

Dahlia miller

Ella Moody

Chris Moorhead II

Jacob Moran

Jenna moran

Alexis Moreau

Jeremy Morey Jr.

Mason Mosher

Bradley Moyer Groth

Caleb Naum

Erin neverette

Matthew Newton

Benjamin Ngumbi

Paige nitzke

Madeline Nowack

Breannan O’Hara

Marie padgett

Nicolas page

Vincent paladin

Shelby pappas

Elise Penrod

Judge Perkins

Michael Perry Jr.

Camden phillips

Hana Phippen

Nathan Potter

Josias Prosser

Elora Race

Brandon radley

Morgan ransom

Emma Roseau

Emilie Reichard

Griffon Remenicky

Arissa Rendino

Ethan Rhinhardt

Kennedy Rice

Leo Richmond

Joseph rigano

Maëva Rio

Kaleb rogers

Martin rogers

Collin romano

Ian rudd

Lauren Rupert

Allysyne russell

Russet Angel

Elena Ruzekowicz

Logan saccocci

Lauren Scheuer

Nicolas schill

Emily schlueter

Derek schumaker

Neo Schwartz

Kenneth scoville

Ian shaw

Cheyanne Shearer

Nicolas shetler

Rachel Shetler

Caleb shirley

Gavin Shirley

Simmons Gage

Brennan Smith

Paige smith

Meghan Sonnacchio

Keilana Sperry

Jacob Spire

Deacon St. Clair

Gwendolyn Stanton

Karina stewart

michael sweet

Sarah Syrell

Hannah sywulski

Ian szuck

Jacob Szuck

Jessalyn tennant

Jahleel thomas

Thomas tiara

Jacob thompson

Jocelyn thornton

Anna tiff

Parker Todd

Noah Toleson

Lea Trevett

Joshua Trout

Emma Van Tassel

Alain Veley

Aaron Vélez

Matthieu waldron

Quinn Wallis

Alexandre warren

Richard weir ii

Ethan Wells

Clifford West IV

Hailey West

Ethan Westfall

Ayden White

Bethanie whitt

Wyatt widowski

Collin wines

Olivia wines

Jesse winks

Ella Wolf

Wolfanger Crystal

Courtney worden

Jonathan yiatras

Cibrina Young

Kamille Zakrzeski

2021 valedictorian and salutatorian

Paul V. Moore High School in Central Square 2021 promotion major Sara Syrell (left) and salutatorian Rianna Garlic-Capozza

Paul V. Moore High School in Central Square

Promotion major

Last name: Sara Syrell

City: Brewerton

Parents: Tina and Chris Syrell

My projects for the next few years: I will be attending Binghamton University to get my BSc in Biology, and I will also participate in their first year research immersion program.

My career plans: After completing my bachelor’s degree, I plan to attend pharmacy school to earn my doctorate in pharmacy.

The highlight of my last year: I don’t have a big highlight from my last year, but I am grateful for the times I got to see my teachers in person and my loved ones and I stayed safe. I look forward to the end of year events that my school now plans as the restrictions are lifted.

The person who inspired me the most: The people who have inspired me the most in life are my parents; they are my staunch supporters. They showed me the importance of having a strong work ethic and the ability to persevere in the face of difficulties, while maintaining balance in life and never losing my sense of humor.

What I do to relax or unwind: To relax, I like to listen to music, take long car trips and hang out with my friends. Throughout my high school studies, I was very involved in student government and community outreach activities. I have also participated a lot in musical programs, such as fanfare, fanfare, harmony orchestra and small ensembles.

The word or phrase that best describes my personality: Diligent

My advice to our promotion: Don’t get carried away by what you can’t control. Things will never be perfect, but we can always make the most of any situation.

The best part about social distancing: The best part about the pandemic and social distancing has been seeing the community spirit and the care that people have for each other. Whether it’s applauding our essential workers or helping a neighbor in need, people have gone above and beyond to help each other during this difficult time.

The biggest impact of the pandemic on my last year: The biggest impact of the pandemic in my senior year has been on the ability to spend time with my peers. By the time I go to college, it will be almost a year and a half since I set foot in a classroom. I really missed seeing my friends and teachers every day.

The only thing I hope to accomplish in my life: One thing that I hope to accomplish in my life is to have a career that I find personally fulfilling and that makes a difference in the lives of others.

Paul V. Moore High School in Central Square


Last name: Rianna Ail-Capozza

City: Central place

Parents: Floria Ail-Capozza and Nick Capozza

My projects for the next few years: I plan to go to Binghamton University.

My career plans: I intend to pursue a career in biomedical research or in the medical field.

The highlight of my last year: Go back to learning in person and being with my classmates.

The person who inspired me the most: My mother inspired me the most in my life. She has faced many challenges and is stronger because of it. She always made sure my siblings and I were taken care of and never did without. His determination and compassion inspire me every day.

What I do to relax or unwind: To relax and unwind, I read and spend time outdoors. Some of my extracurricular activities include college gymnastics, college golf, the science club, Big Brother Big Sister, and the National Honor Society.

The word or phrase that best describes my personality: Ambitious

My advice to our promotion: Never fear change because change is what helps us grow.

The best part about social distancing: The best part was spending more time with my immediate family and being closer to them.

The biggest impact of the pandemic on my last year: The biggest impact of the pandemic on my senior year was having to learn virtually for most of the year.

The only thing I hope to accomplish in my life: Travel and volunteer around the world to learn about different cultures firsthand.

Contact Brenda Duncan anytime: 315-470-2265 | Email | Twitter

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