Grace and Frankie Finale: Yam Lube and Vibrators

Vagacadabra! ‘Grace and Frankie’ continues to embrace an open discussion about female bodies without any feeling of disgust or shame.

Vagina, lubricant and vibrator are not bad words in the world of Grace and Frankie Season 2, they shouldn’t be either. In its second season, the series continues to discuss female sexuality with refreshing candor.

Spoiler alert: we’ll be discussing plot points from both seasons of Grace and Frankie here. Like Frankie, I have no control over myself and I binged the entire second season in two days flat. If you haven’t seen the entirety of Season 2 (completely understandable), you might want to come back when you’re done.

Yam Lubricant might as well be an auxiliary character in the final season of Grace and Frankie. Entire episodes revolve around the ethical packaging, sale and manufacture of the product. While this plot ultimately turns into an argumentative mess, it provides plenty of opportunities for a frank and open discussion on the mysteries of the human vagina.

TV shows rarely give the big V a voice, and when they do, it’s an absolute pleasure to watch. Over the past few years, Netflix has delivered the female chat. Last year, Hot and humid American summer: first day of camp included the most masterful period joke I’ve never heard in my life, and season 2 of Orange is the new black devoted an entire enlightening episode to the exploration and in-depth understanding of female anatomy.

Jane Fonda as Grace and Lily Tomlin as Frankie in Grace and Frankie. Photo: Netflix / Gif: Giphy

Grace and Frankie not only has moments to defend the female form; the message is woven throughout the show. Many of the characters are boisterous and proud of their sexuality, and don’t hesitate to swap stories about the complex but so fulfilling process of self-pleasure. The whole idea obviously doubles as a metaphor for self-love and not needing a partner to feel whole, which is certainly an issue for many women around the world today. ‘hui.

Grace and Frankie does something few other shows have been able to do successfully – the characters encourage their viewers to kiss… literally. It’s entirely possible that the message is received – and even just allowed to exist – because the ladies on the show are a bit older, so there’s less of the salacious or overtly pornographic element in the threads but, honestly is a message that all women should hear, regardless of their age.

Unlike most women, Frankie (Lily Tomlin) isn’t afraid to talk about her body. She doesn’t use euphemisms or dodge the issue, she embraces the topic and uses the most direct terms available to her when chatting with others. While she may regret her relationship with Sol (Sam Waterston), her outlook on her sexuality and personal satisfaction is wholly sane. She makes her own lube, isn’t shy about talking about orgasms, and encourages others – especially Grace – to talk openly about their experiences.

Frankie has a very clear and unique message: love yourself.

Over the past two seasons, Frankie’s positive message for body and sex has rubbed off on the reserved Grace (Jane Fonda). Grace’s personal sexual revolution began in Season 1 when her savvy business mind assigned Frankie’s homemade yam lube for a potential product. In the midst of the frenzy, my mind got a little curious and I Google searched for “yam lube”. Yes, I totally did.

The first result? This fantastic fake commercial for Say Grace Organic Yam Lube, starring none other than the fabulous Frankie Bergstein.

Be the dancing goddess of my own vagina? It sounds wonderful. Now why is this product not there? Maybe Say Grace is still too busy debating the merits of palm oil versus coconut oil or something like that… But don’t worry. If you really want to be like Frankie, you can try making your own lube using these links here, here, and here.

At the end of the season, Grace and Frankie openly talk about personal enjoyment at a family reception. Grace received a vibrator from a friend, but her arthritis prevents her from using it to the fullest. At this point, she’s so brainwashed into Frankie’s free and shameless way of thinking that she’s open to any suggestion. The two ladies have spitball ideas and ultimately decide to go into business together for Season 3.

Honestly, if every season of Grace and Frankie from now on, focused on developing a different sex toy for ladies, i would be super happy. But even if the idea of ​​the vibrator gets lost in the Season 3 shuffle, it’s heartwarming to know that there is a show that loves and accepts vaginas for what they are.

Seasons 1 and 2 of “Grace and Frankie” are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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