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Voters in the Northeast Local School District have a contested election race board to decide this fall.

Three seats are available for four-year terms starting in January, and four candidates will give voters choices to make.

The three incumbents whose terms expire at the end of the year – Mike Boff, Eric Wiemken and John Higbea (the current board chair) – seek re-election and are joined on the ballot by Brian McDowell.

Boff is the oldest of the three five-term holders, followed by Higbea (second term) and Wiemken (first term).

The November 2 winners will join Shaun Mack and Jenni Schweitzer as two other board members. Their seats will be up for election in the November 2023 elections.

Here are the profiles of the four candidates for this year:

Address: 22766 Flory Road

Education: Graduated in 1975, Lycée Tinora

Family: wife, Bonnie; children Kathy, Jeff, Karen, Joe and Andy

Occupation: District Technician, Defiance County Soil and Water Conservation District Office

Former political mandates: Member of the Northeast Local School Board since 2002

Reason for applying for a position: I have always been very proud of Tinora since I was in school there as a student as well as when my children were there and now with my grandchildren there. The pride of our school is the root of why I first joined the board and why I would like to continue as a board member.

As a board member, I have tried to always have the best interests of our students and the community in mind when making decisions. But one thing I have learned is that you can never make everyone happy, but you have to be honest and up front with your position and then make the best possible decisions for our students and the community.

I feel like I did this during my tenure as a board member and will continue to do so if I am re-elected. Over the years we have been fortunate in Tinora to have excellent administrative staff as well as teachers and other support staff from janitors, cooks, bus drivers and coaches. I would like to continue as a member of the school board to be part of this great team and continue to bring honesty and integrity to the community of Tinora.

Best goals: 1. Performing Arts Center: I participated in the planning and financing of this project and I would like to see it through as a member of the board of directors. We have done a lot in recent years for our sports programs which I have also been a part of as a member of the board of directors. It was exciting to see the improvements to the stadium and the football track, as well as the new sports complex and the baseball and softball fields. It has been equally exciting to see and be a part of the construction of the new college / high school and now the Performing Arts Center. This will allow our students to excel even more in the different performing arts and in turn bring even greater pride to our Tinora community.

2. Financial Stability: Continue to see that we are working as a team with our County Economic Development Agency to bring so much business growth and development to our school district. This will reduce the tax burden on our individual owners and farmers in our community.

3. Continue to work with our administration and staff to help them meet the needs of our students so that upon graduation they will be successful in their future endeavors and look forward to their time at Tinora.

Address: 03796 Domersville Road

Education: Graduated in 1981, Tinora High School; 1982 graduate NBC Tech, Lima

Family: wife, Connie; children, Dr Cassandra Sheriff, Craig and Carl

Occupation: farm rural postman

Former political mandates: Northeast School Board since 2014

Reason for applying for a position: To continue to see our school being the best it can be. I would like to stay on the board to see our construction project come to an end with the completion of the performing arts center and central offices.

Best goals: 1. Keep the number one academics in our school: Hire the best teachers you can. Maintain strong leadership in our administration.

2. Keep politics out of our school as much as possible: We need to keep critical race theory out of our classrooms. Keep learning in person as much as possible.

3. Make sure the children have a good comprehensive education: Provide good sports opportunities for the children. Support other extracurriculars, quiz team, group, choir, German club, Spanish club, FFA and others.

Address: 21802, oak forest walk

Education: 1990 graduate, McComb High School; 2012 Associate Degree in Organizational Supervision and Leadership, Defiance College; studying for a bachelor’s degree in organizational supervision and leadership at Defiance College

Family: wife, Alyssia; children, Maci and Brock

Occupation: UPS Driver for 27 years, owner of McDowell Landscape & Design, LLC

Former political mandates: nothing

Reason for applying for a position: I am running for a seat on the North East Local School Board because I want to bring my skills and experiences to ensure the district remains a positive, connected, and learning environment for our next generation. I have a desire to serve and I feel it is my responsibility to give back. As a father of two in the district and a member of the community, I have a vested interest in ensuring the best possible outcomes for our students and staff. If elected, I look forward to bringing enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to our current Board of Directors.

Best goals: 1. Community engagement: I want to engage the community and establish an open dialogue with staff, students and parents. I look forward to being a representative with whom you can share your concerns and ideas.

2. Support diversity: I would like to help our students develop a sense of self-worth and mutual respect, regardless of their race, socio-economic background or where they fit on the scale. academic. We need to be proactive in meeting the needs of all students and creating a welcoming and positive learning environment.

3. Recruit / retain effective teachers: I want our staff to feel engaged and appreciate their work. I believe this can be achieved by building on relationships between staff members, providing staff advancement opportunities and creating incentives that motivate and encourage good teaching practice as well as staff recognition. .

Address: 28936 Jewell Road

Education: Graduated in 1997, Tinora High School; Graduated in 2001, Ohio State University

Family: wife, Nikki; children, Ellie, Abby and Evie

Occupation: sales representative at Paul Martin and Sons

Former political mandates: Member of the Northeast School Board since 2018

Reason for applying for a position: Pursue and build on the current course that Northeastern is heading towards. I want to see the end of the construction project in which I participated in my first term.

I feel good to be a part of raising my own children and want to continue to do so. It’s great to hear from the staff and the public about the good and / or bad that Northeastern is doing. Hopefully during this next term I will be able to see how the decisions made in my first term play out and lead the school system in a continuing positive direction.

Best goals: With no agenda in mind, my goal is to put children first and do what’s best for local schools in the North East.

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